As I wrote the other day in my Milestones post, my critique partner Dani suggested a while back that I write blogs about what happens “after the sale.” Today I was emailing Dani, talking about all the promotional things I’ve been doing – and still have to do to keep my name “out there” and continue to sell copies of Personal Protection.

You’ve seen my talking about the guest blogging I’ve done, you’ve watched the video trailers I’ve made for all my stories, and the free stories I’ve written and participated in contests. (Don’t forget about the Get Hooked on a Series contest that’s still ongoing. You can enter on the sidebar widget.)

I’ve been considering updating my website lately – adding a “added features” type section to it sort of like DVD’s have nowadays. I was thinking of writing interviews of my characters like I’ve already done of Jodi for JK Coi’s blog back in January, or the interview of Sam I posted on Erotic Muses last week. I’ve been playing around with the idea of actually creating a “Hauberk Protection” fake website on WordPress. Having an org chart, and pages for each of the offices and managers. But that would be a ton of work, especially since I know nothing of WordPress and coding these days is too challenging. (That’s why I hired Rae Monet to design and care for my website – I tried creating my own and gave up in short order.)

But is it a waste of time and energy? So here’s your chance to tell me — what would you like to find on an author’s website? Book titles, obviously. Excerpts, of course.

But what else do you look for? Do you view those bonus features on DVD’s? Do you like free reads? Would you get a kick out of seeing the characters interviewed or would you like to read deleted scenes? Would you like to see what an actual page of edits from my editor or copywriter looks like? (Assuming my editors would agree to let me put up such a post.)

What would make you go “Squeee!” if you found it on my website?

And no, that doesn’t mean I’ll put up my book to download for free. Sorry. I’ve lost enough money to pirates, thank you.

What do you like?
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2 thoughts on “What do you like?

  • May 20, 2009 at 4:59 am

    I would like to read deleted scenes, and maybe the reasons why they were cut from the final version of the story.
    I also like anything that immerses me in the world that was created. Fake interviews with the characters, journals, pics of who you would cast as the characters in your books. Even though it would be a lot of work, the fake website would be a lot of fun.
    I tend to spend more time on the websites that have these things, but honestly if I am on the site, I usually already follow the author and none of these things would bring me to it to purchse the books. Maybe free reads if I was not familiar with the author and wanted to be able to read a story from start to finish to see if I like the kind of stories that they write.
    I think guest blogging is a great way to find new readers as long as you are at a variety of sites that potential readers may be found. ( I found you at Hooked On Romance) BTW congrats on the sales for Personal Protection.

  • May 20, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    This is just what I’ve been asking myself lately. In the end, I decided to do the things that I enjoyed doing to add to my website. I must be doing something right because I’ve noticed my stats are steadily increasing even though I’m not doing anywhere near the amount of promo I used to.

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