Hmm, I did a double post yesterday. I’ve been so distracted lately, I hadn’t even realized it until now. Ah, well, that leaves me today to announce my participation in Snippet Saturdays which starts tomorrow.

Each Saturday a group of authors such as Lauren Dane, Jaci Burton, Anya Bast, TJ Michaels, Shelli Stevens, Moira Rogers, Cynthia Eden and a whole host of other authors including yours truly will be posting excerpts based upon that day’s theme. (Not all authors will be participating each week–links will be added at the bottom of each blog so you can compare their excerpts of that week’s participating authors.)

Some of the themes will be “defining moment” or “first kiss” or “fight scene (physical)”, or this one I found really interesting and can’t wait to see “Character Seduction Fail”.

It’ll introduce you to some new, or maybe familiar, authors and let you compare styles. See you then …

A new feature tomorrow!
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