Welcome to Snippet Saturday. Each Saturday participating authors will present an excerpt from a published work according to a pre-arranged theme. This week’s theme is “Defining Moments.” The interesting part about Snippet Saturday is it’s up to the author to decide how to interpret the theme. For some it may be something that happens during the course of the story that causes the hero or heroine to become the person they will be by the end of the book. When I was writing Personal Protection, Sam’s defining moment was what caused him to become the person he was. (The one that changes the one he becomes by the end of the book would give the book away, LOL)


He [Sam] scrubbed his hands across his face. “A little over eight years ago, while I was still with the FBI, the Bureau had been tracking a serial killer who targeted members of the scene. It started with two separate incidents in California. The killer shot his victims then ritually mutilated their bodies. When it made the news, police departments in Miami and Chicago realized they’d had similar cases over the previous couple of years. A couple months later, a group were killed in a dungeon scene in Houston that had the same markers. They had a general description of the suspect, and a credible tip that he’d headed here to D.C. The Porte didn’t exist at that time, but there was a fairly active Dungeon scene. Back then there was no membership vetting as such. Anyone could show up at a couple of munches, talk the talk, get an invite to the scene and they’d be let in. No one knew your background or if you were there for the scene or to blackmail someone.”

“I remember reading about it in the news. I was in college at the time so I didn’t pay much attention, but I remember being surprised that someone hadn’t been hurt before.”

“These groups are usually pretty good at sniffing out anyone who might cause problems, and they let other groups know of any nutjobs to be wary of. Anyway, Chad was the Supervisory Special Agent in Charge; he decided to send a team in undercover in hopes that we’d find the killer before he struck again.”

“How did they choose you? Or were you already part of the scene?”

“I wasn’t into the scene at the time, but when you apply to the FBI they do a full background check and I guess they learned a few things from a couple old girlfriends. As you’ve already figured out, I was—am—more liberal about sex than most.”

“I imagine going to a place where women are required to treat you like you’re their lord and master was a huge sacrifice,” she said drily.

Irritation radiated off him as he shoved himself off the bed and began pacing. “When you start off in the scene, even if you’re a Dominant, especially if you’re a Dominant, you undergo training to learn how to properly handle a sub. Not all clubs work that way, but this one did.”

“Let me guess, Leash Handling 101? How about Flogging for Dummies?” He’d stopped pacing, his back turned to her, the muscles on his arms bulging as he tensed. She shook her head, “It was a joke. I’m sorry. I’ll stop being such a smart ass. Go on.”

“In order to be a good Master, you have to learn what you’re asking of your slaves. So you start off as a sub.”

She couldn’t stop her laughter and quickly clamped her hand over her mouth at the mental picture of Sam wearing a leather dog collar while meekly being led around on a leash. More likely he’d rip the leash out of the person’s hands and drag them behind him. “I’m sorry. I just can’t picture you submitting to anyone.”

After he’d shot her another look sideways, he continued, “I had to serve a mistress who acted as my mentor and taught me techniques that would help me be a good Dominant while—” he hesitated, swallowing hard, “—the other agent who volunteered pretended to be my girlfriend who wanted to learn how to be a good sub.”

“And this was with the FBI’s blessing?” What the hell type of report would have to be filed?

“We had to give reports to our supervisor regularly, yes.”

“But no one in the club knew you were there as spies though?”

He scratched the long scar down the middle of his chest. “Cooper was in charge of the scene even back then, so he knew who we were, but he thought it best if no one else knew. Thalia is Chad’s sister. At the time she knew he was sending someone in, but not exactly who. Since she was the most experienced Domme, we were assigned her as our trainer. I guess she suspected that we weren’t who we said we were, but since there’d been a lot of emails flying around the scene about the murders, she wasn’t sure if we were the killers or her brother’s agents. So she questioned us.”

Something about the way he said it told her the questioning was more than a standard interrogation. “What happened?”

There was a long silence but whether he was lost in his memories or trying to decide just how much information she could handle, she couldn’t tell. He finally settled for “Unless you’ve been part of the scene, you couldn’t understand, but there are techniques a Dom can use to scramble a sub’s circuits so they’ll not be able to dissemble. Neither of us broke cover but Thalia deduced enough to realize we’re the good guys.”

There was more to the story, but she didn’t want him to lose momentum, so she decided to jump ahead. “Did you ever catch the killer?”

His hand drifted to the star-shaped bullet wound and his expression hardened. “Eventually.”


Next week’s theme will be “First Kiss.”

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Snippet Saturday: Defining Moments

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