When I got serious about my writing, I thought it was “all about the story”. It is, but once you’re sold, your time is divided between writing and marketing/publicity. Since Friday night, I’ve been working hard on arranging my Birthday Bash–including coming up with interview questions for some of the authors who have volunteered to post in July. Everyone’s in place, and then I got on Twitter this morning and had one very big name author who I’d asked in a very sideways manner reply that she’d be willing to help out. So I’m in the middle of making arrangements for her too. While doing all that, I had to write a blog post for Naughty Girls Next Door, and 5 essays for Long & Short Reviews “Whipped Cream” section where I’ll be spotlighted July 6-10th. I am exhausted and blogged out now.

Gizmo Guy is off today – this was the day I was supposed to be going to get the results of my tests and he’d arranged to have it off. When the appointment was moved he decided to take the day anyway. So he’s watching one of the latest Batman movies (I’m not a Batman fan, so I’m hiding out in my office.)

I’ve started taking the thyroid medicine the doctor prescribed the other day, though they said it’ll take 10 days to 2 weeks to kick in. But since I can’t have any milk or dairy products 4 hours before or AFTER I take it, and since the pharmacist recommends I take it first thing in the morning, that means no tea in my milk. Ugh. I cut out sugar as part of my New Year’s resolution. I can drink tea without sugar as long as there’s milk, or without milk as long as there’s sugar – real sugar, not saccharine. But to do without either? Well, I tried it yesterday. I was NOT a happy camper. So yesterday when I dropped Curly off at his job at the grocery store (which is going well, by the way), I bought some non-dairy creamer and this morning I made a coffee. No one else in the house drinks coffee, and I normally try to stay away from it since a couple years ago I noticed that anytime I had caffeine my moods went wild – usually plunging into a major depression the next day. Either that or I wouldn’t sleep for three days. But this morning after a single cup, OMG the fuzz that’s been in my head for the last six months parted like sun cutting through clouds, I felt energy flowing through me, and I wanted three more cups. I am almost tempted to go out and buy one of those little one-cup coffee makers and experimenting with various flavored creamers. (Blue Monkey might like that for when she visits, LOL, since she’s a coffee drinker.) However, I want to wait and see what it does for my sleeping and moods before I commit to changing from tea to coffee in the mornings.

While the better focus from the coffee (and GG watching movies in the family room) gives me the perfect opportunity to edit, I’m deliberately not working on Andy’s story today. I’ve decided I need to step back and figure out what’s bugging me about it. I’m considering working on a novella, either another menage–possibly a M/M/F historical I’ve been considering, or a Christmas story since I just found out my editor is looking for anthology length holiday themed stories. Or possibly a short freebie for my website.

Decisions, decisions …

More bits and bobs…
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  • June 19, 2009 at 6:29 am

    Hi there!! Sorry I've been in the land of real job lately. How was the sleeping after the coffee experiment?

    What did you decide to work on?

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