Today’s snippet is all about the setting where the story takes place. I’ve pulled my clip from my erotic novella, Private Property. It’s set in Texas and so starts out with the heat of mid-July evening, and then moves inside. While the estate Jodi Tyler has broken into is air conditioned, she discovers there are different types of heat …

Private Property
Copyright 2009 Leah Braemel
*Warning: Adult theme*

Jodi blinked in the light as Sam gently peeled the blindfold from her face.

“It’s all right, honey, I’m not going to hurt you. But you’d better slow down your breathin’ before you pass out.” He cupped her face with his huge hand. “In through your nose and out through your mouth, all right?”

Somewhat dazed that she was trusting him, she followed his direction, forcing air into steel-banded lungs. The trembling in her legs and arms gradually subsided.

“That’s it, sweet pea. Remember, I would never do anything you didn’t want me to do. I’m going to let you free, but first you have to promise to listen to my proposal, all right?”

“Mark?” she asked, forcing air from her lungs. “What have you done with Mark?”

After a moment’s hesitation, Sam moved aside.

Her eyes widened to see Mark lying on a gargantuan bed. Heavy leather straps restrained his arms and legs, spread-eagled until he resembled a prisoner in the dungeon of a medieval castle. Except the bright room she found herself in resembled no medieval castle she’d ever seen.

Mirrors lining the walls and ceiling reflected the bed. Overstuffed multicolored pillows of various shapes were scattered across the floor, dislodged from the bed no doubt by Mark’s struggles. A giant flat-screen television loomed at the end of the bed, a second hung over the headboard, yet another was mounted flat within the mirrored ceiling for the ultimate viewing experience from any angle. A leather sling hung in one corner while chairs and a bench had been grouped by a large unlit fireplace. More cushions and wedges covered in leather and velvet and silk were heaped upon them but didn’t hide the leather restraints on the arms.

There was no ambiguity about the purpose of the room—it had been designed for every sexual position that she could have dreamed of—and several she couldn’t.

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Snippet Saturday – Setting

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