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There’s been a bit of an upheaval that I’ve been debating whether to mention on here or not. But since the announcement was made publicly last Monday I figure most of you already know – Samhain’s executive editor, Angela James, who is also my editor, left Samhain and has gone to a brand-new publisher called Quartet Press. QP plans to start a new line of romance ebooks under the brand name Quench Romance.

What does that mean to you? More choices of where to buy romances.

What does that mean to me? It means I don’t have an editor. Yet. Samhain’s powers-that-be are in the middle of assigning Angie’s 70 or so authors to other editors. From what I’ve heard from other authors in the past week, almost everyone I talked to has lost an editor during a shuffle at some point. I’m not stressing (much), it’s part of the process. But in the meantime I’m plugging away on my galleys of Personal Protection. That’s keeping me upbeat.

No, I’m not talking about big wooden ships when I’m talking these types of galleys. Galleys are the final copy of the manuscript, set up in the format the book will be – with the little scene dividers and graphics and all the proper fonts and layout that make a book a book. It’s the author’s first glimpse of what her work will look like in actual print form. Yes, much petting and oohing and aahing goes on. It’s also the last chance an author has to correct their work and make sure it’s shiny and ready to be printed and bound and sent to the bookstores. (Personal Protection is set to be released March 1, 2010, by the way.) Now, that’s not to say I didn’t go through this process before the ebook was released. But when you’ve written a story, sometimes your brain fills in what it thinks it wrote instead of seeing what’s actually there. The advantage of ebooks is that if there is an error it can be corrected for future versions. Samhain even encourages readers to let them know if they’ve found an error so it can be corrected.

Reader comments and reviews are always welcome and may be placed on the book’s information page. Please send them to books@samhainpublishing.com. We strive to have the most error-free books possible, but should a typo be found, feel free to let us know.

With print books? Once it’s printed, it’s permanent so that’s why going through the galleys are so important. It’s that last chance to make sure not only there are no typos, but there are no inconsistencies. (*head desk* yes, I have found a couple things I missed even after the line edits – no, I’m not telling, but if you’ve found anything, let me know today so I can fix it.)

Some publishers send the galleys to authors already printed – at the Sherrilyn Kenyon booksigning a couple weeks ago, she raffled off a copy of the galleys of one of her books. I still wonder if the person who won it knew what she was getting. (It was a 2 inch sheaf of papers clipped together and stuck in the original envelope it was delivered in.) For myself? I’d love a peek at Sherrilyn’s galleys.

My galleys were sent as a PDF–Samhain’s committed to going as green as possible– so I’ve gone through them once on the screen (with a 23 inch monitor, I can look in detail.) I sort of defeated Samhain’s green policy because once I finished the electric look-see, I printed them off, put them in a binder and am going through them again because sometimes you can see things on a printed page that you can’t see on an electric page.

That has to be done and sent back to Georgia by tomorrow. When I haven’t been working on the galleys, I’ve been taking a serious look at my WIP and the Hauberk series in general, drafting out character sketches for future characters and plot lines for future stories. Making sure that everything’s in place for when my new editor is assigned as I’m sure she’ll be asking questions about the series. So I’ve been keeping my head low and plugging away. And then I’m going to be hard at work on the next book in the series so if I do go missing a day or two, know that I’m hard at work, slaving over my keyboard. At least that’s what I’ll tell my new editor 😉

Galley Ho!
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  • August 24, 2009 at 5:38 am

    That has to be stressful changing editors. Hang in there!

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