As you may have noticed I’ve been AWOL a lot lately. I’ve been working on finishing up my latest work-in-progress and it’s taking all my concentration.  I’m hoping to have the last half finished and out to my critique partners by the end of the week. (Which is what I said this time LAST week.) But this is the important stuff — wrapping up all the final conflicts and making sure there’s no loose ends. Then I’ll have to go back and start working on cleaning up what my CPs pointed out I missed/needed in the first half (which luckily enough wasn’t anything major.) Oh, and I need to decide upon a title, and write up a blurb. Ugh.

I’m also trying to get ready for a week away – the writers’ weekend away with my TRW writing buddies, JK Coi, Kimber Chin, Christine d’Abo, Wylie Kinson and Amy Ruttan. As they leave, Gizmo Guy will be heading up to the hotel to join me for the remainder of the week — since we’ve paid for the room anyway. I have a check list of things I need to do/get before I go away – like transferring my storyboard notes for Chad’s story over to Scrivener on my Mac Powerbook, making sure I’ve got a nightie to wear that doesn’t gross everyone else out, making a list of things to not-to-forget-to-pack – power cords, travel mice, etc. As well as making sure the family has food and knows how to get to work on their own! (No small feat, believe me.) All this before Friday.

I also have to fit into this week another dentist’s appointment on Thursday where he finishes off the danged root canal. And probably another doctor’s appointment because the doubled dosage of the thyroid meds he’s prescribed aren’t doing their job either. Along with all the Mom’s Taxi time I spend doing lately. Oh, and I was hoping to make it up to Peterborough one day as well.

Oh and did I mention the cold I’m fighting which hopefully won’t turn into bronchitis the way it feels like it’s doing thanks to the amoxicillin my dentist has me on for the abscess?

Can you hear my head thumping on my desk yet? Okay, so this is turning into a big whine session. Sorry!

Anyway, the point of this is, I may not be blogging regularly for the next while. Next week I’ve arranged for some extra guest bloggers.  First up is my new editor, Tera Kleinfelter, who will be my guest on Saturday the 24th, then on Monday, the inimitable Inez Kelley returns, Tuesday Ella Drake is my guest, on Wednesday, Vivian Arend is talking about her newest release – the sequel to her very successful Wolf Signs story. And Amy Ruttan is writing something up for me for October 30th. So while I may not be around much this week, there should be lots to keep you coming back next week. (Oh, and if you’re an author and would like one of the free days (either this week or the 25th, 29th or 31st, let me know. I’d love to host you!)

To-Do List
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2 thoughts on “To-Do List

  • October 19, 2009 at 11:58 am

    Hope everything goes well for you!

  • October 19, 2009 at 11:52 pm

    Wow, I feel tired just reading all this. I bet you'll have fun with your writing group. I met Christine, Amy and Wylie at conference last year.

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