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I had a face/palm moment yesterday when I was going through my emails yesterday. I’d missed my friend Sue’s birthday two days ago. Sue’s the one who convinced me to get serious about my writing. Who nudged me and bugged me to “get back up on the horse” when I gave up and stopped writing for over a year. She’s had a tumultuous year that’s seen big changes in her life.

Sue, here’s hoping that all your wishes come true. May you find love, and happiness and tranquility in your life in the coming year. Happy Birthday, my friend, and may you have many, many more.

NaNoWriMo check-in:

Fits in perfectly with how I missed Sue’s birthday, doesn’t it?

I wrote another 2163 words on Chad’s story yesterday, bringing my total to 15,123. Yup, fifteen thousand words in five days for an average of three thousand per day. Phew! I can tell it’s going to start slowing down now as the intricacies of the story kick in. I had to do some research yesterday – Thanks Kimber! – but I left that to the evening when I’d finished writing on the NaNo project and returned to editing the still untitled western/menage.

Oh, and speaking of the western/menage story, the guys have convinced me to tell the story their way and let them have a little fun with each other as well as the heroine. It’s stretching those boundaries again for me; I’ve never written m/m before, though I have read it. I just hope I can pull it off and leave my characters with their dignity.

**If you love Debbie Ridpath Ohi’s comics as much as I do, you can find them here at her Inkygirl: Daily Diversion for Writers website.

Happy Birthday Sue
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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sue

  • November 6, 2009 at 11:24 am

    *blush* … You're too sweet to be Leah. and LOL about the writing taking over our lives. You know I completely understand.

    I had a wonderful birthday *week* so even if you missed the day, you're still well within all the fun and partying.

    I'll raise a drink for you tomorrow evening, we're grilling and planning a general 'good time'.

  • November 6, 2009 at 11:34 am

    hahahaha! typo. You're too sweet to be Leah! …was supposed to be "you're too sweet to *me*", …it could be Freudian, but you really are sweet!

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