Don’t forget about the Kindle contest going on over at my editor’s blog here. Because Thanksgiving is on Thursday and Friday, there are only three days to enter this week. Don’t forget to follow the rules Tera has set out. Email Tera your answer to each author’s question, AND leave a relevant comment each day (no “Hi, Great contest” type comments, thank you). But don’t leave your answer in the comments. If you email without commenting, or comment without emailing, you’ll find yourself disqualified. Oh, and you don’t have to answer every day in order to enter. You can enter just one single day and still have a chance to win. You do want to win that Kindle, don’t you?

Oh, and by the way, did you folks up here in Canada hear that the Kindle is available to us now too? Although we’ll have to order through not which means we’ll end up paying Mr. Harper and his cronies an additional $31 in tariffs AND we’ll be subjected to International Roaming charges which will increase the book costs by $2 from what they’re charging for my books. Boo hiss!

Anyway, here’s a sneak peak at Tera’s blog with the rules … now go over there and enter!

I wanted to make it convenient for people and make it easier for people to participate, soooo…. we will not be doing the contest on Saturdays and Sundays, and we will not being doing the contest on Thanksgiving (US), or Black Friday (the day after US Thanksgiving). Monday through Fridays only. =) I think not doing it on the weekends is a given this time of year…we all have a lot of holiday things going on, like parties and shopping. Woo hoo!

Now, remember, in order to participate, you’ll have to post a relevant comment (No, “Hi! That’s great.”, etc.), and you’ll have to answer the scavenger hunt question. Do not post your answer in the comments! There will be a link to a form to answer the scavenger hunt question and to give me your name and address. After, I’ll need to know where to ship the preloaded Kindle, right? =) Posting you answer in the comments will cause the comment to be deleted and the commenter to be disqualified. Not just from that day, but from the entire contest. So, yeah, you don’t want to do that. =)

So without further ado, here is the schedule:

Day 6, November 23 = Kelly Jamieson
Day 7, November 24 = Angelle Trieste
Day 8, November 25 = Dawn Brown
Day 9, November 30 = J.K. Coi
Day 10, December 1 = Cheryel Hutton
Day 11, December 2 = Rita Oberlies
Day 12, December 3 = Kate Johnson
Day 13, December 4 = Leah Braemel
Day 14, December 7 = Deidre Knight
Day 15, December 8 = Cooper Davis
Day 16, December 9 = Kimberly Nee
Day 17, December 10 = Joely Sue Burkhart
Day 18, December 11 = T.A. Chase
Day 19, December 14 =Samantha Sommersby

Kindle Contest reminder
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  • November 23, 2009 at 12:17 pm

    It is such a fun contest, love reading everyone's posts.

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