It’s December!   Akk!  I haven’t even bought a single present. Well, except for the Firefighter calendar that’ll end up in one of your hands.   I miscalculated on yesterday’s post – my 800th post should be on THURSDAY, and it will include the details of a contest I’ll run, the prize being the 2010 Toronto Firefighter’s calendar.

Today is the start of Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow’s Rockin’ Around the Raven Xmas Tree Holiday Hunt – the prize will be a Sony reader.  It’s a scavenger hunt where you have to go through various authors’ websites and find a hidden graphic.  As the graphic says, the prizes are a Sony eReader, a $50 prepaid VISA and a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

Don’t forget that my editor’s contest for an International Kindle is on-going too. Leave a relevant comment, and email her the answer to the daily question to enter.

Rockin’ for a Reader
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