There was a bit of a mix-up today and my name ended up on the list over on Snippet Saturdays. (Totally my fault — I forgot to check a file I was supposed to check. Sorry!) While Personal Protection has several parties, they’re the catalyst for several arguments between Rosie and Sam, and I didn’t think they were appropriate snippets. And there are no toasts in either of them, so while I’ve searched for one to add after discovering I was on the list, I came up dry.  So I turned to Private Property. Nope, no parties, no toasts. However…First Night is about a New Year’s Eve party, so maybe … nope. I forgot. Jodi and Mark are, ahem, busy when the ball drops and, again, there are no toasts.

By the way, have you downloaded your free copy of First Night? It’s a fun little romp that showcases the two characters from Private Property. At the start of Private Property, you learn that Jodi and Mark have been involved in a no-strings-attached affair for a while. First Night is a behind-the-scenes peek at how that affair started. You can download it here for free!.

Now, to get back to Snippet Saturday — here are the other participating authors. Don’t forget to drop by and read their posts — and leave them a comment to let them know you’re enjoying their snippets.

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Snippet Saturday – parties