Anyone else humming Cher’s Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves? Okay, it’s just me. Yes, I know, I’ve been slack about posting blogs this week. But it’s been Christmas and … ah, heck, I didn’t have much to say. It’s not that I’ve been in a food-induced coma the way I sometimes am at this time of year. I’ve actually been pretty darned good at following my diet. I made two batches of cookies – one batch of peanut butter cookies using Splenda and margarine instead of sugar and butter, that Gizmo Guy and I ate, and another “normal” batch that I promptly packed into a cookie tin and sent with the boys to their cave games room in the basement. It saved the temptation. We gave the boys chocolates in their stockings that promptly disappeared downstairs as well, along with my world-famous chocolate macaroons.

What else has kept me from blogging? Well, for Christmas, I got a Wii. This is the first time I’ve requested a game console, instead of the boys who sniffed at the tiny little Nintendo box. Ha! Showed them. They spent a good part of Christmas Day and some of Boxing Day playing bowling and tennis and other of the sports that came with the unit. We all got to punch each other’s cyber-lights out in the Wii Boxing — wow, that’s a workout! I also got Wii Fit Plus with aerobics and yoga and strength training etc. I’ve been doing the aerobics step program which is a good workout on its own. Yoga? I used to be fairly flexible, especially back in my karate days, but OMG I am SO out of shape and stiff now. It’s HARD.Which means I now have to work in time every day to work out. I know it’s good for me, but … okay, I’ll quit before a full whine escapes.

One other present that I’m guarding jealously in my office is my gun! Yup, Guitar Hero gave me a pistol with a laser sight. A NERF gun that is. Yes, you read that right. A NERF gun with a laser sight. Okay, so the laser doesn’t match the path of the bullet which drops quite a bit in comparison to the light, and the light doesn’t turn off unless you remove the batteries (the package says the trigger is supposed to be the on/off switch. It’s not.) But it’s still fun as heck. I’ve threatened to use it on anyone who interrupts me when I’m writing from here on in. I was very tempted to use it today — I was finishing up the final edits on my western today, which of course happened to involve a rather spicy love scene when Gizmo Guy walked into the office. “I’m not interrupting, am I?” Um, if you have to ask the question, YES!  A few minutes after he left, Guitar Hero wandered in and proceeded to read over my shoulder. Thank God, I had another screen I could quickly change to. I’m pretty sure he would have been grossed out to read what his mother was writing about. Either that or I would have been if he started to offer advice as he is wont to do.

Good news on the western, too, by the way. I finished the edits and will be sending it out in the morning to my critique partners to pull apart. *cringe* While I’m waiting for them to wade through the over 61,000 words (yeah, I know, it was supposed to be a novella that topped out at 30K.  I’m verbose, what can I say?)  Anyway, I’m crossing my fingers that  I’ll able to submit it soon. Of course, I still have to get the thumbs up/down from my CPs, and write a synopsis and a killer query letter. But that light at the end of the tunnel is definitely not a train. Woohoo! 

Oh, and Aurora let me know that she received her Firefighter calendar in the mail, along with the bookmark I tucked in with it.  A while back, fellow Canadian Shelley, you may know her as HockeyVampiress around the web, offered to make me some ribbon/bead bookmarks that included a tiny copy of my covers in one of the beads.  I jumped at the chance. You see, back in 2007, I was at the RWA conference in Dallas. They have a “goodie room” there, where authors can put out swag–free copies of books, bookmarks, postcards, sewing kits, you name it. Anything to promote their latest release or just their brand. One author included a beautiful blue beaded bookmark (or book thong as they’re sometimes called) in a small package. But by the time I got home a week later, the bookmark had been separated from her business card so I had no idea who had made them. 

Shell’s bookmarks with their title specific bead means that whenever you use my bookmark, you’ll be reminded of my book, or of me. They’re beautiful bookmarks too. So over the next few months, in celebration of Personal Protection’s upcoming release, look for a few to be part of my contests.

A Christmas filled with Wii, Guns and Thongs!
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3 thoughts on “A Christmas filled with Wii, Guns and Thongs!

  • December 29, 2009 at 1:49 pm

    Sounds like you had a great Christmas.The book thongs are ingenious!

  • December 29, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    I need a gun like that!

  • December 30, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    Thanks for the shout out…. your camera took a much better pic of them…..

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