I almost titled this Monday Morning Check-In, then realized it’s Monday afternoon. As you’ve noticed I’ve not been posting as much as I usually do.  That’s because I’ve decided this year I have to focus on writing more novels/novellas than I do blog posts.

I finished the western, and sent it out to my critique partners. Oh, I love them so much for pointing out all the stupid things I’ve missed. Brett’s eyes changing color from blue to grey and back again not the least of it.  I’m really happy with the final product and hope I’ll have some good news for you within the next few weeks, although it’ll probably be closer to months before I know.  

I’m back working on Chad’s story and I’ve jumped from the “this is crap” stage to “this has potential” stage. It always helps my productivity when I feel hopeful rather than despondent about my writing.

On the home front — Guitar Hero finished his electrician’s course back in December, and today he started a brand new job that luckily for both of us is reachable by bus. His employer has ten weeks to decide whether to keep him on or accept him as an apprentice, so we’ve got fingers crossed on that front as well.

Gizmo Guy and I attended Curly’s Indenture Ceremony ten days ago — he’s going to study how to be a plumber as part of the final semester of his co-op program. Which means he has to find someone to take him on before February 1st.  Then he’ll spend 2 days a week at the college learning all the building codes and welding, etc, and 3 days on the job (unpaid, unfortunately.)  We thought he’d had a job, but apparently the employer the school had sent him to picked someone who already had experience. (Why they couldn’t take two applicants considering there was no pay involved, is beyond me.)  However, the whole thing could be moot as the college teachers here in Ontario are in a strike position and classes may be delayed for a few weeks. 

The winner of Bella Andre’s contest will be announced here tomorrow, so check back then. If you haven’t entered already, you still have time!

And don’t forget to check back on Wednesday as well. My good friend Vivian Arend’s is popping over to talk about her latest book, Turn It On. By the way, Turn it On is already up for sale a day early over on My Bookstore and More! Woot!

Monday Check-In
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2 thoughts on “Monday Check-In

  • January 18, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    Your writing should definitely come first, and while you won't be blogging as much we'll still be here waiting for when you do 🙂

  • January 18, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    Wow, lots going on for you and your family, Leah! Take care, and fingers crossed for good stuff!

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