Hey there. I’m back from both my writing retreat AND my mini-vacay. The local weathermen were all celebrating how no snow had fallen on Toronto in the month of March. I can tell them where it all landed instead…

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words (always handy to the queen of verbosity such as myself) so I’m going to borrow a graphic Inez Kelley sent me to tell you how I feel upon returning from my week of rest and relaxation:

Yeah, not so relaxed.  When I’d left, my to-do list was clear. Now? While I was away…

  • our accountant phoned–I’d somehow missed a bank form that he needed for Gizmo Guy’s taxes. When I phoned him back, he mentioned that I could claim something I wasn’t aware I could on my own taxes. Which means I’m scrambling through the entire year’s worth of statements to find all the paperwork for that particular deduction. Guitar Hero is prodding me about getting that done since his tax refund’s arrival is contingent on when our taxes are filed.
  • while I was on the writing retreat portion of my away time, Gizmo Guy decided to rearrange my office for me. Unfortunately he only got halfway through the job before he left to join me. When we returned I discovered boxes all over the place and nothing’s where I left it. It’s (sort of) in order now and the place has been dusted more thoroughly than it has been in years. And I can actually see my desk top–something I haven’t seen in at least a year. Hey, I found my daytimer beneath all those piles of papers. Who knew it had been on my desk that whole time?
  • I have to answer interview questions for the multiple blog hop guest spots I’ve signed up for, and write several chatty posts due for several others. And I need to line up more spots for June’s release of Texas Tangle – working on these, thanks to not sleeping last night at all.
  • I have to send out interview questions to future guest bloggers who will be visiting this blog in June – some of this is done, and more bloggers have been scheduled for June.
  • I have to sign up some guest bloggers for here for April and May. Wednesday’s guest blogger Erin Nicholas is the last guest I’ve got booked for this month, and only Chandra Ryan and Bella Andre are booked for next month. Time to get on that stick! (Any requests of who you’d like to see on my blog? No, I doubt la Nora would agree to be my guest as much as I’d love to host her.)
  • I had to write an interview of my editor for an upcoming spot on the Carina Press blog (that’s done! Well, it’s partly done. I dreamed up some questions, mailed it off to her and now I just have to wait to get it back from her to format it and send it to the powers that be at Carina. Yes, there’s a deadline for it.)
  • I have an article on writing advice to write for a fellow author who is collecting advice to post for her readers on her blog (thankfully there’s no deadline on that one)
  • I have to mail a prize to a contest winner (deadline involved — one I gave myself, but still, it’s a matter of honor.)
  • I have to mail an autographed copy of Personal Protection to someone who helped me immensely and is mentioned in the dedication. (no deadline, but that honor thing again…)
  • I have to return a book someone very graciously loaned me. Unfortunately, the envelopes I bought to send out books turned out to be too small which means I have to dash out to an office supply store in addition to the post office.
  • I received an email this afternoon requesting a 200 word bio by 3 p.m. tomorrow. OMG do you know how hard it is to make yourself sound interesting? I wear fuzzy flannel pajama pants most days (seriously!) While I did some interesting things years ago (liaising with the Toronto Emergency Task Force and bomb squad anyone?) I’ve been a stay-at-home Mom for the last fifteen years. How can I jazz that up? I sense some serious creative fiction writing ahead tomorrow. Thanks to Anara Bella and Amy Ruttan’s help, this is done!
  • and the most important one of all? my second round of edits have come in and I have one week to complete them. At first glance (I think) they don’t look as overwhelming as the developmental edits did. So I have hope that there may be light shining waaaay down at the end of the long twisty tunnel. 

**EDITED** Akk, it was just pointed out to me that I signed up for a workshop in Toronto with Donald Maass which is this coming Saturday. So there goes another day. **

    So if there are a few *coughcough*most*coughcough* days where the blog isn’t updated, forgive me…I’m busy cluttering up my newly cleared desk again.

    Snowed Under (metaphorically, that is)
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    • April 6, 2010 at 7:41 pm

      Eeek! Hugs, Leah! You're going to do just great!! Woohoo!

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