Cry Wolf

This second chance at love could get them both killed.

Fifteen years ago, denied the only woman he ever wanted as a mate, Remington Aldrich packed his few belongings and left home without a backward glance. Now the pack leader who ripped his world apart is on the other end of the phone, asking for his help.

Angela Martin, Remy’s first love, is missing and the trail has gone cold. She may have refused to defy the alpha and run away with him all those years ago, but Remy can’t stop himself from coming to her rescue.

Abducted by two men—one for his ghastly scientific experiments, and the other for his driving need for revenge against all Lycans—Angela despairs that no one will find her. Then she senses Remy nearby.

Together again and on the run from a killer bent on hunting them down, Remy vows to never again let Angela out of his arms. But first they have to survive—and fight against history’s tendency to repeat itself…

Warning: Hot shape shifters, mad scientists and vengeful hunters, and steamy alpha marking his mate may induce a massive adrenaline rush.

Cry Wolf releases from Samhain Publishing, June 8, 2010. Read an excerpt.

Meet Donica Covey

Leah: What’s the most interesting/unusual thing you’ve done for the sake of research?

Donica: I tied my best friend up with her hands behind her back to see if she could escape…

Leah: LMAO, now that’s the definition of a true friend! Do you have any writing rituals?

Donica: Everything in my life is a ritual. Everyone who knows me calls me OCD…

Leah: So tell me when you first realized you wanted to try getting published?

Donica: When I was in third grade one of my cousins became a published author writing about her childhood in the Ozarks. My dream was to be a combination Robbie Branscumb and Laura Ingalls Wilder. As I grew I held fast to the knowledge someday, some way I was going to be an award winning, bestselling author. I’m thrilled to say I achieved my dreams.

Leah:  If CRY WOLF were made into a movie, who would you cast as the hero and heroine?

Donica: Hmm…I’d say a younger Lou Diamond Philips and Diane Farr

Leah: Oh, yum. Lou Diamond Phillips was particularly delish…come to think of it, he’d be a good inspiration for a story I’ve got planned. Oooh, sorry, I got lost in a daydream there. When you were writing CRY WOLF, did you have any specific inspiration? Did you do anything to help keep you in their world – music or a movie or something?

Donica: I was switching channels during a slow day and I happened across an older TV series Wolf Lake, starring Lou Diamond Phillips about a community of shape-shifters. There was a clip of a white wolf in a cage and suddenly I was overwhelmed with the story idea. I went straight to my computer and in less than four weeks the book was done!

Leah: Oooh, I remember that show. Okay, let’s turn the focus back to you or I’ll start fantasizing again.What is something unusual that you do or have done that people normally don’t know or would be surprised to know about you?

Donica: I’m terrified of heights but my father was a pilot so I took flying lessons in a tiny little Cessna. I HATED every minute of it! If I have to fly somewhere I don’t go.

Leah: Oh my God, you’re my twin. I hate heights too (though I think it’s something to do with my eyesight. And my father used to fly with British Air so I grew up listening to all his crash and near-miss stories so I hate flying.) Kudo to you for facing your fear and having the courage to get in the pilot’s seat. So what pleasant memories do you have from when you were a child–do you have a favorite?

Donica: Spending my summers in the Ozarks on my grandparents’ cattle ranch. I spent my days riding my horses and motorcycles or swimming with my friends. Many of my books feature the region as settings for their stories.

Leah: A vacation in Alaska or the Caribbean? 

Donica: Alaska!!


Donica Covey lives in a suburb just south of St. Louis Missouri. Her loving household includes a husband, a teenage daughter, a grown son, a hyperactive Cairn terrier and a sedate Springer Spaniel.

When not writing, dreaming of writing or reading she can be found at one of her other favorite pastimes: shopping. Baking breads, cookies and cakes are another indulgence. She also enjoys peaceful times of ATVing, cattle counting and hiking in the woods of North central Arkansas, her second home.

If you want to know more about Donica, visit her webpage.

Donica Covey: Cry Wolf
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