Today’s the day Carina Press launches, and to help kick off the extravaganza, my guest author is *tada* a Carina author.  Dee’s been on my blog before, but I get a little more in-depth this time…

Hello world, Dee Tenorio here, hijacking Leah’s blog for the day. 🙂
A quick warning for those who’ve never met me–brace yourselves. I’m a tad bit nuts. I do love piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. I also love video games, technical work, pastry and losing weight without trying. (Actually, that’s my favorite). I’m a wife and a mommy and a sister and a friend to as many folks as will have me. 🙂 Oh, and I also tend to talk a lot. Which is why Leah sent me a list of questions to answer so that the hijacking is as pain free for all you innocent readers. 🙂

Leah (just for that ‘losing weight without trying’ comment I’m wrestling control back from Dee, or at least attempting to, Dee’s darned determined. Losing weight without trying is just wrong!)   Okay, Dee, tell me–do you have any writing rituals?

Dee: I used to, but then I had twins. So now I have Writing Needs: Pot of tea, preferably some toast or chips, Also, story needs songlist that I can listen to with one ear while the other is dedicated to the babies. Other than that, just about anything goes.

Leah (trying to hide her wince when Dee mentioned twins. Poor thing, she must be exhausted.)  So tell me when you first realized you wanted to try getting published? Was it an Aha! moment? Or was it a dream from when you’d been little? Or were you dragged into it kicking and screaming?

Dee: It was kind of all those things. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but writing and publishing are two different things. When I was 20, my brother died inexplicably at the age of 27 and it changed me in many ways, most notably in that I take absolutely nothing for granted. Tomorrow isn’t always guaranteed. I promised myself that I’d live a full life, reach for the goals I’d been putting off and I started writing for submission. LOL, the funny thing is…I was terrified to send it in. Finally, hubby got angry with me and said, “Look, if you’re going to write, WRITE. Don’t screw around with it and do nothing. Send it it in or quit!”

He torched me enough to finally scrounge up the courage to send the book in. I haven’t stopped since.

Leah:  My eldest son said something similar to me that finally got me off my duff and submitting.  All right, back to you. If “Tempting the Enemy” was made into a movie, who would you cast as the hero and heroine?

Dee: Well, for “Tempting The Enemy”, the hero–Pale Rysen–is built on Sylvester Stallone and his fabulous shiny beard in the movie Nighthawks. I saw that first as a little girl and fell madly in love with him. But Pale is bigger. Much….MUCH….bigger, shiver / sigh. For Jade, lol, it’s funny, I can see her so well in my mind, but I have yet to see an actress who can pull her off. Maybe a young Jennifer Connelly? (If you like, click the cover and read about the book–it’ll be out on the 14th!–and let me know who you think might fit Jade in a movie!)

Leah (making a note to add Nighthawks to her movie list):  Did you have any specific inspiration for “Tempting the Enemy”? Did you do anything to help keep you in their world – music or a movie or something?

Dee: It’s built from several sources, actually. The biggest part of “Tempting The Enemy” is that the world is like ours, but history changed subtly from about 1900 on and human discovered there are people they didn’t know, throwing much of the world into genocide. I grew up working in a Jewish Temple and the history of the Holocaust–especially having met and spoken to people who survived it–was a massive influence. My own Native American history played a large part as well. For the writing, though, I couldn’t have done it without “Coldplay”. They MOVE me. The one song in particular that fit was “Violet Hill“. If you have it, listen and you’ll have the exact mood for the novel!

Leah (making a note to add Violet Hill to her iTunes list–Gee, Dee, this list is gonna get LONG)  Want to share anything unusual about yourself? Something you do or have done that people normally don’t know or would be surprised to know about you?

Dee: I’m a web designer, lol. Folks might be surprised to learn that I have a side business and do design and technical work there–Laideebug Digital. I’m a self-professed Geek Princess. If it’s a cool program, I totally want to learn it. This is surprising because I’m mathematically inept–a kind of dyslexia, really, I’m infamous for not being able to count to ten properly–and most people imagine it’d be beyond me. But code is really more algebraic, which makes it letters and that’s totally my field. 🙂 Truth is, the precision of it really soothes my OCD tendencies, lol. I absolutely love it.

Leah: (eyes Dee’s graphic above with jealousy. “So that’s how she got that cool graphic!”)  If you could go back to meet yourself as you were just getting out of high school, what advice would you give yourself?

Dee: “Dear God, lay off the donuts, ya’ cow!” — But honestly, I’d probably have comforted myself with some ice cream after a convo like that, lol.

Leah (pulling her muumuu around her like a cloak of invisibility) Okay, you’ve got twins, you write, AND you do webpage design, so I feel sort of silly asking this question, BUT … when you’re not writing, what do you like to do just to kick back and relax?

Dee: Well, I have three jobs, so kick back time is few and far between, but when I can, I read books or play games. I LOVE Hidden Object games and I’m an absolute Tomb Raider freak. (Isn’t there a new one due sometime soon??) But I have to admit, much of my kick back time is dedicated to HTML and learning more. It just makes me happy. I know, I’m such a psycho, lol!
But I tell you what, I’m a psycho who likes to give, so here’s what I’ll do. I’ll share a special excerpt! (But be sure to read all the way through, for more giving at the end!)

A sneak peek at Tempting the Enemy

Detective Palen Rysen… She considered his name, testing it in her mind. Was he the one the Magistrate feared she’d find before they could see her properly bred to a Sibile male? Were her hormones simply responding to the pheromones of a strong male? Why not a controllable human male instead, like the one who’d greeted her?

No. She curved her tongue around her left fang. It had to be because Rysen was a Wolf. Since she didn’t feel like going stupid with his lust again, she kept her mind’s eye closed, but the urge to see his colors tugged at her. Even with his anger clear in the arrow straightness of his spine, she wanted to touch it again. Feel him again, his strength and vitality as pure as a drug in her blood, taking her over effortlessly.

Reason kept intruding on the urge, keeping her from giving in. Why was she so drawn?

He looked nothing like the males she’d been introduced to at the enclave. No thin, prettyish boy with a nervous smile. She couldn’t even imagine what he might look like if he did smile. Half his face was covered with a thick, bristly black beard, and the rest hid behind the black hair he took no pains to deal with. She wanted to push back the strands and see him clearly, but even then it probably wouldn’t help. There was no telling whether his jaw was squared or round or pointed. Whether his upper lip was thin or full. He hid his face with an effectiveness she almost admired.

He couldn’t hide his eyes, though. Milky-blue, with intensity radiating from them like a bonfire. He dressed nearly the same as the other men on his floor—dress coat hanging on the back of his seat, button-down shirt, but instead of slacks, he’d donned supple denims that clung to his legs, showing muscle shifting as he walked. She had a feeling the difference in clothing wasn’t expressly permitted. And that he didn’t particularly care.

Desire hit so strong, it clenched her insides and she bent slightly in response. She hungered to taste him, so much her teeth actually began to feel longer, sharper.

What’s happening to me?

Logic. She stretched for logic. Clear thinking. She’d read every book in the Order’s extensive library on the subject of Wolves, most of it unpleasant but informative. Could this be something the Order hadn’t warned her about? A side effect or a mutation?

Before she could decide either way, Rysen opened a door and strode into what appeared to be an interrogation room. Peering inside first, Jade noted only the gray walls, a table, three chairs and a camera mounted in the upper corner. Nothing dangerous.

She entered, but her sense of safety didn’t last long. Rysen yanked the camera plug from the wall, turned in place and came at her. Without even time to gasp, she found her back pressed to the door, slamming it closed with the force of the impact.

His large hand pulled her head back by her flos, the decorative cover for the braided bun at her nape, leaving her throat taut and exposed to his satisfaction. She flailed her hand between his arm and his torso, pulling the light from the room and shaping a small dagger that glowed in the sudden darkness. She even pulled it back, ready to slice into his side, but…he didn’t attack.

He waited for her breathing to still, staring down at her, a grim expression hardening his stark gaze even more. She refused to yield her weapon, but he didn’t seem to care about the light blade in the slightest. Instead, he searched her face for something, his stare lingering on her fangs until the throb in them grew painful with wanting.

Wait. How could she still want him? He was holding her completely at his mercy, effortlessly stifling any physical struggle she could give. But she wanted him. More so because of his domination.

No wonder the Order considered her an abomination.

She waited for the shame to fill her. But there was simply no room for it, not with the flood of sensation coursing through her veins. Her heart fluttered and, deep in her belly, liquid desire softened her defenses further. His heat seeped into her through their clothes, spiking her temperature even higher. The pressure of his hand on her back, his broad chest rubbing her suddenly sensitive nipples through her sweater gave blessed relief to the wanting that crawled over her skin.

It wasn’t enough. She wanted him closer. Wanted to taste him. Wrap every limb around him. Feel him everywhere, even inside, where the want had become a hollow desperation to be filled. She watched him warily, ignoring the needs snaking through her as best she could. Either he’d give her what she needed or not. The choice, she realized as she stopped pushing him, had never been hers.

…and now back to Dee

Hope you liked Pale and Jade and now that you have an idea who they are, find the question I ask readers earlier in this post and post an answer here. A randomly drawn winner will have their choice of any ebook in my backlist!

But Dee, you might say, we want an ARC of “Tempting The Enemy”. Weeeell, I got that covered. Check out my BLOG and enter my Trailer/Twitter Contest! You’ll have a chance at a $75 Gift Certificate or a $25 dollar one AND a possible copy of “Tempting The Enemy”! Contest runs until June 10th, so be sure to get in on it!!

Hugs all!

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    Hey Leah! LOL, I should have clarified, I haven't lost weight without trying in a very long time, lol. Usually the not trying was the not remembering to eat part. (I do that a lot) Now I can cut sodas, cookies, pastry and flavor and still gain three pounds.

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    Great post, Dee! (I'm just following Twitter links today — highly productive, I know!! 😛 )

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    Hi Dee,
    Congratulations on our latest release.
    That was a great teaser of an excerpt!I can't wait to read the rest of the story.

    I'd cast Milla Jovovich as Jade.

    As for losing weight without trying, yarright…that's not gonna happen with me…I gain weight just by looking at food…it's quite sad. *sigh*


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    Hi, Dee! Definitely looking forward to Tempting the Enemy–thanks for visiting with Leah and for the interview!

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    Ohhhh! This looks like a fantastic new book! Great interview!

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    Anyhow, looks like we still need a winner! But I think we all know who it is, lol.

    Anna, I have your email from your entry, so I'll check in with you concerning your choice of any book on my backlist! 🙂 Congrats!

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