Sorry about this folks, but there’s been a bit of a glitch (entirely my fault) — I completely fumbled the ball on today’s guest blogger’s post.  But I won’t leave you completely in the lurch — I’m over at Inez Kelley’s today being my usual smart a$$ self talking what my boys think of what I write and other insights into the glamorous life of a writer. (When Texas Tangle released yesterday? I was loading the dishwasher and washing the kitchen floor.)

At one point last night I was flipping around the various sites and noticed that it had hit #47 on the Amazon Kindle Bestselling Eroticas list. (before you get too excited that means I sold about a dozen books)  But hey, I’ll take it!  And yes, I was lame and did screen shots and everything.  (When I was looking at my stats later, I realized it may have actually been lower on the list earlier in the day but I’d missed it.  *shrugs*)

After I cleaned up the kitchen (it’s dirty again, how the heck does that happen?) I wrote three blog posts — hence the dancing I put you through yesterday. “You were so busy I had to do a quick 2-step to keep up with you!” was a note one of you sent me in an email last night 😉 (Are your feet still sore?) Anyway here’s a rundown of some of yesterday’s information I hope you didn’t miss:

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to go over to Embrace the Shadows and vote for Texas Tangle’s cover in their Clash of the Covers contest. Show cover artist Angela Waters some love because she sure created one smoking hot gorgeous cover when she made Texas Tangle’s cover.

If you scroll down, you’ll see that I’ve got a couple contests going —

1. There’s the for-newsletter-subscribers-only contest–there’s a Texas Tangle t-shirt as a prize.  If you’re not getting my newsletter, you can subscribe now and I’ll send you a link to the newsletter so you can still participate.  If you have signed up for the newsletter, they went out yesterday morning, so check your spam box if you haven’t seen it already.  Contest closes July 15th.

**edited** please put “newsletter contest” as the subject to your entry, thanks!

2. There’s one open to everyone — download the excerpt provided by Carina Press (it’s the entire first chapter of Texas Tangle) and then email me at ” contest @leahbraemel DOT com ” with the name of Nikki’s dog to enter. The prize is a necklace with a horse shoe pendant in a sweet little red cowboy hat jewelry box.  Contest closes July 12th.
 **edited** I forgot to add the part that’s down below:  Get 10 extra chances by posting about it on your blog and sending me the link, or Twittering about it on Twitter (don’t forget to refer to @LeahBraemel so I see it mentioned in my timeline.)  Oh, when you email me, please put “horseshoe contest” in the subject line so I can catch it and tag it appropriately.**

Oh, and both contests are open internationally, by the way.

Texas Two-Step blogging
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  • June 29, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    I voted and entered the contests yesterday.

  • June 30, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    Hey, I like that, 2-step blogging. *chuckle*

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