Yes, I’ve been quiet because I’ve been back in my writing cave. My email is starting to backup, and things have gotten buried, I notice my “draft email” folder is getting awful thick. So if you’ve emailed me in the past week, and I haven’t gotten back to you, mea culpa, but I am slowly plugging my way through my mail and will get to you eventually.

I’m working on the final little tweaks to Chad’s story — I really really really need to find a title for it. (It’s the next in the Hauberk series. But I don’t want to go with another title starting with Ps or even any sort of alliteration–not deliberately anyway.) There may be a poll going up about that soon, LOL.

I’ve also been working on the prequel to Texas Tangle. Yes, I’ve decided to go with the story that talks to me the loudest. Of course, last night as I was drifting off to sleep another story started talking to me, but this one I’ve managed to (almost forget) shove aside to write another day. In fact it really wasn’t much more than a scene that may only end up to be a short story…So it was very easy to shove it aside.

The writing has been between the Mom’s Taxi Service business I’ve been running lately. (Having one car sucks) A couple nights ago I went over to Anara Bella’s to work on a secret project, and yesterday I met a girlfriend for coffee at our local bookstore (which turned into a road trip to a bookstore in another town because it had a copy of a book she wanted our local store didn’t have in stock.) While we were there, I picked up a copy of an author who is an auto-buy for me. I don’t generally auto-buy authors–money is generally too tight to spend on a book that I may or may not like. Because face it, there are some books we like better than others for whatever reason no matter who the author.

Anyway, I started to read the story last night, expecting to be wowed by this author the way I normally am. Only I didn’t like the first page. I didn’t like the second page either. Or the third. Or the fourth. So I did something I rarely do–I started flipping through the book to see if it got any better. All I kept thinking as I was reading more and more about this heroine was…well, I’m going to redact what I was thinking but I will say I found myself unable to connect with the heroine in this book because her actions, her choices, made me dislike her. Not Too Stupid To Live, just against the ‘honorable code’ I expect of my heroes and heroines. The thing is I know women who have behaved the same way in real life as the heroine does. But what it comes down to is I’ve already put the book down and figure I won’t read anymore.

(I am not saying it’s that a book is bad, it’s not. One thing you learn very quickly as an author is that reading is subjective. A best-selling big-name-authored book that one of my critique partners absolutely adores and is her go-to comfort read is one that makes me cringe and just cannot finish no matter how many times I try.)

Naturally enough, it’s made me nervous about whether my readers of my previous books will have a similar reaction to the next ones I produce. Which is making me go over those edits of Chad’s story yet again. Guess I need to learn how to deal with Second Book syndrome still…


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  • July 30, 2010 at 10:05 am

    I cannot wait to read that Texas tangle prequel. SO cool that you chose to go that way 🙂

    Happy writing!

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