The third draft of Chad’s story is done and will be heading out to my critique partners tomorrow morning. Once they get their comments back, I go through and make the changes they suggest (or not). So I’m that much closer to subbing it to my editor. Now I need to write up a blurb, and come up with a title while I’m waiting for their critiques to come back.

Titles are tough to come up with. With Private Property, the title came to me while I was writing it–it’s something that Sam says when you first meet him. ““You’re trespassin’ on private property, sweet pea.”” and “Dangerous business, breakin’ into private property. Even more dangerous when it’s mine.”

Personal Protection didn’t get named until I sent it to my critique partners with a plea for help. (Thanks Wylie Kinson who suggested it.)

Texas Tangle — well, I’d been calling it that to myself after I wrote a specific line that Nikki is thinking when Brett and Dillon first propose she choose between them: “What a tangle it had all become.” (Yes, I questioned myself later and held a poll, but even after everyone voted it as the fourth out of five suggestions, I kept it. And I’m glad I did.)

Now I’m on another title hunt. I’ve got a couple of ideas that I’m tossing around (Gizmo Guy and Curly are offering up suggestions) but if nothing sticks in a couple days, I may be having another poll here.

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