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What do you mean it’s October? Has this year flown by for anyone else the way it has for me? I’ve been holed up in my cave most of this year either editing or promoting Texas Tangle or writing the next in the Hauberk series, as well as a prequel and a sequel to Texas Tangle. (So why does it feel like I’ve accomplished nothing?) No, you know that’s not true, a whole bucketload of things have been going on but most of it’s been behind the scenes, and quite a few things are out of my hands. Since there are still three months left in this year, I’ll just keep a list and do a true “it’s the end of the year, here’s what’s gone on” post the last week of December.

So what’s on the plan for this month? As I mentioned the other day, I have to plan for next week’s Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve already bought a turkey breast (with only two of us eating meat this year, there’s no use spending $30+ on a full sized turkey. (Though I’m pretty sure Guitar Hero would be thrilled to finish it for me.) I’d hoped to go away with Gizmo Guy to one of the resorts up north so we could take in the fall colors as well as letting me do research for a potential novella series, but that may be out (the trip, not the series) as GG had to stay in town for a neuropathist’s appointment and further tests. (I must admit, diabetes and all its side-effects and parts of your body it can affect is scary!) I plan on finishing the proposal for Griffin’s story (as a sequel to Texas Tangle) and submitting it to my editor. I’m “that close” to having it done. And then there are two other plot lines that have been floating around demanding attention too but those little shinies are being ignored. Sort of.

One thing you don’t want to miss this month is Michelle Pillow’s and Mandy Roth’s Raven Scavenger Hunt. It starts today, so you have a whole month to hunt your way through the participating author’s websites to find the Raven graphic to qualify. There are lots of print books and ebooks being given away, including an autographed print copy of my own Personal Protection.

So what’s on your plan for this month? Anyone started their Christmas shopping yet?

Planning Ahead, Falling Back
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One thought on “Planning Ahead, Falling Back

  • October 1, 2010 at 12:01 pm

    I have a very light month planned. Had surgery on a foot, so not much activity allowed.
    Foot propped up on the couch reading.

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