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Kaily Hart, a seemingly straight-laced mother of four left corporate America and a high-powered, lucrative career to be a stay at home mom. Ha! That lasted about four weeks, during which time she realized she had a deeply repressed dream  – to write. Romance! By day, Kaily plays conservative wife and soccer mom, but at night crafts hot and steamy tales of romance and love with gorgeous heroes who wouldn’t dream of leaving the toilet set up. Ever. She’s smart and sassy, at least in her own mind, and is trying her best to bring the alpha male solidly back to contemporary romance, one hot story at a time. Two years ago she never would have thought she’d be doing this, but now that she is? It just feels so right…

Reader Comments

Before I was published I used to think about, dream about, fantasize about all the fantastic reviews I’d get LOL. When I published my first book, I received a lot of reviews. I thought they were all great (thankfully J) and very gratifying. I read and re-read many of them, loving how the book was interpreted, how the characters came across and I enjoyed hearing how others had enjoyed something I’d actually written! It was a great treat and a wonderful experience. Since then, I’ve come to realize that while reviews are fantastic and validate to some degree the writing, what really matters is what general readers think. At least to me. I recently had my second book, PAY UP come out from Ellora’s Cave. When I say recently, I mean that literally, as in last Friday! It’s early days for the book of course, but I’ve received some incredible comments so far from readers. One in particular had me smiling so much, I thought I’d share it and say why it struck me so strongly.

This book made me whimper…seriously, whimper! Wow, talk about intense! Two very sweet characters who finally hook up together and the sparks fly. What was really awesome though was how amazingly well the emotional connection came through from start to finish. (My husband’s going to thank you for this one when I get done with him!)

I love this comment, I really do. Why? I can tell she connected with my characters. The intensity I was aiming for came through in the story for her. The characters, although not perfect, are sweet in a way, although the hero is unquestionably alpha. Rio is a little different than my typical (rough, tough, mega-alpha) hero.  He is a little sweeter, a little ‘nicer’, and I wrote him deliberately that way. I’m so glad that came across. The most important thing for me when I write romance (and erotic romance especially) is the emotional thread of the story. I work hard at getting that right—through dialogue, actions, and the sex/love scenes in particular. The characters aren’t just connecting physically, they’re merging in other ways. It’s the core of the story for me and my goal is to create an emotionally satisfying read. I think that came through for this particular reader. It seems like she thought the sex was hot (yay!) but I think I touched her emotions (and other things) as well J. I really was so delighted to read this. She made my day, my week and possibly my month!!

It’s had me thinking a lot about feedback over the last couple of days. Receiving comments like this is so touching, so special. They just mean so much. When I read it, I was immediately inspired and energized to get with it and complete the current book I’m working on. It had me wanting to get something else out there that someone else could enjoy and perhaps this reader would also like. As a relatively new author, I don’t get a great deal of these comments. I hope that increases over time because I just love hearing from people who’ve read a book of mine. SO, it had me wondering…do you leave comments on publisher or book seller sites? Send comments directly to authors? Why/why not? Do you take notice of other comments left about a book from others?

PAY UP is available now from Ellora’s Cave –

Pay Up
by Kaily Hart

Neighbor. Friend. Lover.

At least that’s what Carly Wagner wanted Rio Reyes to be. She’d settled for two out of three for almost a year and it just wasn’t enough. Not anymore. When Rio proposes a shockingly sexual bet, she knows it’s out of character and he’s not really serious, yet she can’t resist. The pay off could be finally getting her hands on the gorgeous firefighter she’s drooled over since she moved in next door.

The timing had never seemed right for him and Carly, but that hadn’t stopped Rio from imagining wild and wicked things about her. It had been a joke—sort of, but Rio’s shocked when she takes him up on the dumbass bet. Now he’s in a world of hurt, because regardless of who wins, he might be crossing a line he never thought he would and jeopardize a friendship that means more to him than anything.

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9 thoughts on “Tell Kaily Hart what you really think

  • October 20, 2010 at 2:35 am

    Hi Leah & Kaily!
    Thank you to Leah for introducing me to Kaily & thanks to Kaily for sharing here today.
    Congratulations on achieving your dream of being a published author. Pay Up is intriguing & the cover is smokin'!
    I've never left comments on publisher/book seller sites (never crossed my mind too). I've commented on book blogs & on Twitter.
    I've taken note of the comments on book blogs & Twitter about a book and they've caused me to either avoid a book, or buy it.
    Thank you again for sharing,
    All the best,

  • October 20, 2010 at 6:09 am

    Thanks to Leah for having me here today!

    RK, thanks so much. I really have achieved my dream. That's a great way to put it and…firefighters *are* just hot, especially when they look like mine!

  • October 20, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    Hi Kaily — great to see you here!

  • October 20, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    Hi Kaily and Leah! Excellent post!

    I love reader comments (not surprising!) and hope to one day get more of them. Goodreads is great for that. I've gotten so many nice comments from readers there and I try to do my part to leave feedback, even if it's brief, on books I enjoy. Since I read a LOT of ebooks, I tend to often leave at least star ratings on the books I enjoy. As an author myself, I know how nice it is to hear someone else liked your book.

    Speaking of liking books…I loved Pay Up, Kaily! I finished it this weekend and all I have to say is I can't wait for your next story! 🙂

  • October 20, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    Hi Leah & Kaily
    Firefighter & friends to lovers? In one book? Sold!!

    That's a terrific question. While checking out author web-sites for backlists I sometimes noticed a "contact" section. I read a book that just blew me away & decided to take a chance & email the author. The response was instantaneous & the author was so appreciative. I decided to continue to thank authors whose books I enjoyed. The response was overwhelming.

    That same month I went to my high school reunion & mentioned this to my old neighbor who is now a writer. I expresed my surprise. He said that writing is very solitary
    and writers enjoy the contact.

    I've actually had writers answer on blogs, when asked what was their fave thing a fan wrote to them, they quoted me!!
    "Your book kept me up all night".
    "Can't read it in public, it's so funny". We have a good chuckle when I notice.

    One of my faves: I emailed an author who wrote a very unusual HEA. I told her I admired her bravery in writing something different.
    She wrote back that she almost cried & she saved my email because so many people had tried to talk her out of it.

    Makes it all worthwhile.

    My other fave: I went to an RWA meeting in Toronto. Heard someone call Leah by name. I asked her if she was Leah Braemel (I'd been waiting for her book to come out in print). I was so glad I didn't chicken out. I enjoyed meeting her
    so much.

    Best of luck to you.

  • October 20, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    Fancy seeing you here, Helen!

    Cari, I'm so happy you liked it! You know, I'm on Goodreads, but it's another site to dedicate time to and I'm stretching myself pretty thin so far. I hadn't thought of it from the feedback angle though.

    Hi Mary, what great stories. Yes, writing is so solitary so anyone who goes out of their way to leave a comment or reach out to an author directly is SO appreciated. Reaching readers is why we write after all or at least why I write! And I'd be happy if ANYONE came up to me to meet me in person :).

  • October 21, 2010 at 2:26 am

    Kaily, just popping in here to say Mary G made more my day at that meeting. I was grinning from ear-to-ear when I went home. Out of all the big named authors at the TRW, someone recognized ME. That was a first for me and I'll remember Mary forever because of that.

  • October 21, 2010 at 3:36 am

    LOVE reader comments. LOVED Pay Up. Can't wait for your next release, Kaily!

  • October 21, 2010 at 5:15 am

    Leah, I'll never forget my firsts either. There's Rita – the first person to send me a personal email after my first book came out. I'll keep that note forever and I still go back and read it from time to time. There's Sheila – she was the first person to buy my book and have it signed at my first book signing. I was so excited I took a picture of her with my book plate! She may have thought my weird, but I really treasure every one of those moments.

    Thanks Christine! I'm hard at work at getting it out there :).

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