Just popping my head in to say hey!  It’s been a hellabusy week on so many fronts.

On the “Real Life” front: On Tuesday, the Jeep Gizmo Guy bought 29 days before (used, not brand new) was making a funny noise so he took it into the garage for them to look at. Which meant he needed to use my car to get to work until he got his back. Except I needed my car because Curly’s been sick and not getting better and I needed to get him to the doctor. So (this gets confusing, try to keep up!) Wednesday I had to drive Gizmo Guy into work, then come home and phone the doctor who told me to come right in which meant we had to sit in his waiting room for an hour before we got to see him, but still I’m thankful we got in on such short notice. Turned out Curly’s cold has turned into pneumonia, and we were sent to the X-ray lab for another hour long wait. Since he’s feeling pretty lousy, I drove him home (it was noon by then) and dropped him off while I went to fill his antibiotic prescription and then pick up Gizmo Guy and go to our optometrist appointment. Good news there — Gizmo Guy’s eyes have actually gotten better since his diabetes diagnosis. The optometrist said that high sugar levels cause the lens of the eye to swell, so when the sugar levels drop they return to normal.  Bad news, my eyes have worsened which means yet another pair of new glasses.  Minor in the grand scheme of things, but annoying when the savings account has been drained to replace the car Guitar Hero crashed back in the spring.

Anyway, we got home from the optometrists at 4 pm to find a message from Gizmo Guy’s car guy to say his Jeep is a write-off. Apparently whoever sold it to them had bodged something or other and the frame had actually cracked and was hanging down. Yeah, that was a real WTF moment. How the heck did it pass the safety inspection in the first place?  But the phone call meant a trip to their garage out in another town to take a look at the Jeep, then a trip back to our town to talk to the salesman who luckily (both for us and for him) didn’t try to play hardball and try the old Caveat Emptor routine but agreed to give us our money back.

Because he knew I needed my own wheels, and because he’d fallen in love with having a 4-wheel drive for the winter, Gizmo Guy wanted to go car shopping. Which meant a trip to the various dealerships around. So he found another Jeep, this one a year newer than the last, in another dealership in yet another farther-away town and put the money down on that, along with the last of our savings. (Akkk) We arrived home at about 8 p.m. Which meant not much writing got done.

BUT Gizmo Guy’s now got his new Jeep now, Curly’s on his antibiotics, and I think he’s feeling better. Sorta. It’s hard to tell considering he’s still hacking and coughing. But he’s eating better now which I’m taking as a good sign. And I’ve ordered a pair of new glasses which means I won’t have to be playing shove-the-chair-back-while-enlarging-the-monitor-font-to-200% for much longer.

On the writing front: You’re probably wondering when I’m going to tell you why I was happy dancing last week and the week before. I really can’t say much other than I’ve received two offers from my two publishers on two stories I’ve submitted to them. But I don’t really want to say much more than that until I have the contracts.  *Fingers crossed all the contract stuff goes through well*  Once everything’s in place, I’ll be able to give you more details.   But it’s also created an interesting dilemma. Which book do I write for which series next?

And also on the writing front, the great people over at Bitten by Paranormal Romance have created the Top Bite award for “Excellent Books read in 2010”  I’m thrilled that Texas Tangle has been included on their list even though it’s not paranormal.

Oh, and don’t forget that the two contests I’m participating in are still ongoing. But time is running out on them both. There’s the Spook-a-palooza contest to win a Kindle, put on by the Samhain authors on the Samhellion site. I’m also giving away a print copy of Personal Protection in the Raven Hallowe’en Hunt.  You’ve got a week left to enter. Go to the sites, follow the directions to enter.  Get cracking.  (You can click on the links above, or on the graphics on my sidebar.)

Busy Busy Busy
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  • October 24, 2010 at 9:19 am

    Wow. A line from Airplane! comes to mind. "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue."

    Crazy times. But it sounds like things are on the upswing. Can't wait to hear all of your great news 🙂

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