You know yesterday’s post and how it ended with a picture of Karl Urban?  Well, Gizmo Guy reads my blog. And raised an eye brow at the Yummy comment I’d left below Karl’s picture. (he was smiling, don’t worry.) 

I started plotting book #4…oh, ages ago. And as part of the writing process, I gather pictures of people that I can envision as my characters. Over a year ago — long before I saw the new Star Trek movie — I collected the picture of Karl I used yesterday. (I’ve kinda had a thing for him ever since I saw him as Eomer in The Two Towers. Man, he looks good with long blonde hair. And he can act too!) Then on the weekend we went to see Red and OMG I just KNEW that I’d cast the right man as Troy, because the character Karl plays in Red is very similar to Troy.

So I figured I’d give Gizmo Guy some things to smile about today. By sharing some pictures of my inspiration for the heroines for Book #3 and my current WIP which, if my editor likes it, will become book #4 in the series.

My heroine in book #3 is named Lauren. She’s a strong kick-ass former FBI-now secret agent/hostage negotiator. As well as Chad’s ex-wife. The two of them have to battle not only a threat from outside but each other. Is it any wonder I was inspired by Ashley Judd (we’d watched a lot of her in Double Jeopardy).

And for my yet untitled Book #4? Well, the heroine is Sam’s assistant, Sandy. If you’ve read Personal Protection, does she match what you envisioned? 

So often we’re told, that we’re judged by first appearances.  So what do these pictures tell you of Sandy?

Teasers and first impressions

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  • October 26, 2010 at 9:00 am

    Yummy x 2!!!!

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