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Wow, we’re into 2011 already!  It’s looking like it’ll be an exciting, and busy, year for me with two releases in May. 

Since New Year’s Day has fallen on a Saturday, this week’s Snippet Saturday is about new beginnings. So I’ve chosen to give you a sneak peek into one of my upcoming releases, Tangled Past. Sarah McLeod has been forced to marry a stranger, the enigmatic Jackson Kellar. The snippet I’m sharing is where the reality of her situation is beginning to sink in to Sarah…

Tangled Past
“It’s not a death sentence, darlin’,” Jackson murmured.

Sarah jerked her head up. His dark eyes assessed her, not in judgment but concern. “What?”

Clean-shaven and in the soft glow of the oil lamps lighting the lounge, Jackson didn’t look near as scary as he had last night. Especially when he pressed her knuckles against his lips with a fleeting kiss similar to the way he’d kissed her in front of the preacher that morning. He leaned forward and lowered his voice so the folks in the hotel lounge wouldn’t hear. “Bein’ married to me ain’t a death sentence.”

No? So why did ’til death do you part still pound in her ears louder than Bandit’s hoof beats on a hard-packed road?

Sarah swallowed as he lifted her left hand and ran a thumb over the wedding ring that her mother had once worn. The ring Josiah had produced when the preacher called for one. Right before the preacher declared them man and wife.

“You were staring at your ring as if it might poison you or some such. It’s just a gold band, and a used one at that.”

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Lots of women married men they hardly knew. Look at all the women who had come out west as mail-order brides. It could be worse. She could have been forced to marry Jed. She suppressed the shudder that ran through her at that thought. Jed wouldn’t have waited until they reached town to assert his husbandly rights. He probably would have taken her virginity as soon as they’d lost sight of the McLeod ranch, instead of taking her to a hotel for her wedding night.

Her wedding night. Where she’d have to do whatever her husband wanted. Accept whatever he was going to do with her without quarrel. She’d seen enough barn animals to know what to expect but the idea of Jackson mounting her, pushing his man parts inside her…she swallowed hard. She’d given her word she’d honor and obey him. Those words joined the death do you part phrase, creating a cacophony inside her head.

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First Snippet of 2011

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