As you can tell from the title, today’s Saturday Snippet is about the “dark moment” — now often in romance writing, writers refer to the ‘black moment’ — that’s the moment when the storyline has twisted so the hero and heroine have been torn assunder. Usually it’s done through actual physical separation — the heroine’s been kidnapped or the couple have broke up and there is an actual physical distance between them. Tangled Past is slightly different, as you’ll read. Because sometimes the most painful separations can occur when the person you love is standing right there in front of you….

Tangled Past
Sarah woke to an empty bed for the second morning in a row. She quickly washed and dressed and hurried to Nate’s room, where Jackson had kept vigil.

Martha stood in the doorway, a breakfast tray in her hands. She shook her head. “Jackson won’t eat, the stubborn man.”

“He barely touched his dinner last night too.” Sarah peeked in the room and found him sitting on the edge of the bed, wiping Nate’s forehead with a damp cloth. “I’ve never known two men to be such good friends. Mr. McLeod didn’t even sit with my mother when she was dying.”

Then again, maybe he’d been happy to see the end of the woman who had brought him such shame.

“Come on, Nate. You gotta fight this.” The tenderness in his voice brought tears to Sarah’s eyes. Especially when he leaned over the still figure on the bed, putting his mouth next to Nate’s ear. “You can’t leave me. Don’t die on me, you hear?”

She could barely hear Nate’s rasped response. “You’ve got Sarah now. You won’t be alone.”

“Damn it, you can’t die. I love you.” Jackson gathered Nate into his arms, cradling him like a child.

Sarah had to step back and rest her head against the hall wall, fighting the tears burning tracks down her cheeks. How she’d long to hear him say those words to her. If he could love Nate, maybe one day he’d come to love her too. Or was it even possible for a man who loved his friend that way to love a woman?

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Snippet Saturday – Dark Moment: Tangled Past

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  • January 15, 2011 at 8:18 am

    I love a heart wrenching "dark moment"! Can't wait to see how Sarah's situation turns around!

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