If you live in Canada, tune in to CTV’s new Marilyn Denis show (I’d noticed her missing from Citytv’s Cityline but had no idea she’d moved over to CTV and gotten her own show — way to go, Marilyn!) Anyway, today Marilyn’s interviewing Carina Press’s Angela James about e-readers.

If I can find a link that streams it or if I can find a clip on a video I can embed, I’ll try to find it and post it so people outside of Canada can watch it too.

**Edited** So people outside of Canada couldn’t watch it live, but they will be able to see it now all the provinces have seen it.  It’s at right here as part of www.marilyn.ca ‘s website.

Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.  ~Bertold Brecht
You may have noticed the header on the blog has changed.I’m in the middle of updating my website and this will give you a sneak peek at a tiny part of it. (You won’t get the great unveiling for a while yet as we’re still populating the pages. In the meantime the old one is still up.)  There will be drop down menus including a coming soon page and more buy links. There will be an extras page with my free stories to download, book trailers and deleted scenes, and maybe even a Hauberk org chart. But there will not be any music or blinky graphics. I promise! 

Now’s your chance–before we’re done designing the new website, tell me what you want to see on it. Got any requests?

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