Wow, we’re at the last full week of January already. Time it is a-flying.

I’m back in my editing cave–my editor over at Samhain sent me Deliberate Deceptions for a round of edits, which means another deadline, though this one shouldn’t push me too hard as I have two weeks to do them.

I want to get them done far before that as I also have a self-imposed deadline of the end of this month to finish the third draft of Troy’s story (Hauberk book 4–which is STILL untitled, darn it all) so I can send it off to my critique partners.I’d originally pegged that deadline for mid-January, but two rounds of edits for Tangled Past PLUS Christmas and my mother’s stroke set me behind just a tad. And like I said, it’s a self-imposed deadline, not a contractual obligation. So there’s not as much pressure if I’m late by a few days.

In addition to those edits, I’m already mentally plotting what books I want to write for next year and trying to figure out how long it would take me to write each one. Over the past year and a half, I’ve discovered it’s much more efficient for me to draft up a synopsis of an idea, and get to know the characters for a few weeks or months before I start writing them. It saves a LOT of rewriting as my characters reveal their issues while I’m washing the dishes or doing laundry. (Yup, for some reason my brain seems freer to wander when I’m doing housework instead of sitting staring at the computer screen. Ideas and solutions come at the weirdest times and places. You’d probably wonder at my sanity if you followed me around for a couple days.) Anyway I’d much rather write a shorter first draft and then add scenes to subsequent drafts than to write thirty thousand words and slash fifteen thousand. Adding is much more satisfying than deleting.

While I’m doing my edits and plotting, emails are flying back and forth with my new webmistress over the redesign of my website. More excitement and worry, especially since the folks over at Harlequin are critiquing their authors’ sites and making suggestions on how to tweak it to make it much more reader-friendly, and easier for you to buy our books.

Plus I have to leave some time open for the conference in New York at the end of June, and possibly another conference later in the year–perhaps one more oriented toward the reader as opposed to the writer. Do you go to readers’ conference such as the huge Romantic Times event in April or Lori Foster’s event in June, or Lora Leigh’s Reader Appreciation gathering in October? I’d love to meet some of you…Where are you going to be?

On plotting, edits, and travel plans
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