The Moment. It can be a turning point where the hero and heroine realize they’re in love with each other. Or perhaps it’s that moment when they have to make a decision as to whether to pursue the relationship. Or not. That’s the decision facing the heroine in Personal Protection, Rosalina Ramos. She’s had a thing for her boss, Sam, but if she gives in to her desires, and Sam’s advances, she could end up not only with a broken heart but losing her job as well.


One of side of Andy’s mouth hitched up. “I’m just saying I think you could trust Sam not to overstep whatever boundaries you set, you know?” He gestured to her BlackBerry which was buzzing again. “Besides, he’s only asking you to dinner.”

With her as dessert.

Trouble was, now she didn’t know if she’d simply become a challenge to be conquered. A rose to be pruned, enjoyed until the blossom faded, and then tossed aside and replaced with a new flower. She buried her face in her hands. “It’s not just dinner. It’s more than that.” It’s my whole life. My job. My home.

My heart.

“You have a chance at love and you’re kicking it away like it’s an old tin can when the rest of us…” Andy trailed off. “Well, some of us have it yanked from us, you know? And we’d give anything to grab it and hold onto it.”

She grabbed the only lifeline she could find. “I don’t know.”

Andy pushed himself to a stand. “Just think of it as your downtime. Pretend you went to bed early and let me look after things here. The place is secure—nothing’s going to happen. If someone wanted to take a pot shot at him, it’ll be somewhere public. Otherwise they’d have already gotten to him.”

“But it’s my—”

He pulled her to her feet and marched her to the door. “Go have dinner with Sam, Rosie. And if you two don’t hit it off, come back here.”

Her Berry beeped again. Trust me. Please.

It was the please that unraveled all her arguments, that had her walking down the hallway. Just as she lifted her hand to knock, the door opened and Sam stood there, filling the doorway.

“About that accord…” she whispered.


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Snippet Saturday: The Moment