Phew! I’m back. Sort of. I’m officially done with the RITA books I had to judge, they’re read and scores are entered, so that’s done. I can’t share with you wish books I was sent to judge but I really liked this year’s batch and discovered a couple new-to-me authors that I’ll be looking for in the future. And some that I’ll be using as examples of “what to do” in future books. Which is better than last year’s batch most of which were put in the “what not to do” pile.

As a reward for getting through those eight books and entering my scores before the deadline, I indulged myself by purchasing and reading Patricia Brigg’s River Marked. Now you may remember that a while back I went on a rant about the pricing of books in US vs Canada, and also had a minor rant about how I won’t pay more for an ebook than the hardcover costs and poor Ms. Brigg’s book was the source of the rant. (I really really really wanted this book as I love Ms. Brigg’s work.) Fortunately The Book Depository lowered their cost of River Marked so I bought a hardcover copy for the same as what I could get it in the States. Why Chapters and didn’t follow suit, I have no idea, but their loss. As is typical for me, not only did I buy the print book, I also bought a copy of it as an ebook. Unfortunately wouldn’t let me buy it on my Kindle as there were geographical restrictions, and besides I wouldn’t have bought it on Amazon because the price for the e-version was higher than the hardback. But the Kobo made it available to Canadians for $9.99. Since that was less than the hardcover and was within my limits of how much I’m willing to pay for an ebook, I bought it too. I’ve since read it twice on my iPod–and loved it. So I’m really looking forward to receiving the print copy. And am considering buying a Kobo since I can’t figure out how to get the Kobo books onto my Kindle or even figure out how to get it onto Calibre. Which I may not be able to do since it’s got that damned Adobe DRM attached. Talk about making it difficult to use. Which I guess is their point if it’s making me actually consider buying their device. Not to mention that Gizmo Guy is jonesing for his own eReader now he’s seen my Kindle. Anyway, the upshot is, River Marked is definitely going on my keeper shelf.

And as I’ve been trying to figure out how to move my books over to my Kindle, and how to read my Kobo books I’ve started a post that I think I’ll add as a page on my Extras section soon about how you can read my books if you don’t have a dedicated e-reading device. I used to have one, but it’s changed even in the past couple years. There are so many new devices and new applications you can use.

On the home front, I’m really tired of all the health issues that have been cropping up in my family these past few months. From Curly’s pneumonia last fall, and my mother’s stroke just before Christmas, now Guitar Hero’s having problems. You may have seen over on Twitter that he’d had a seizure last month. We discovered after he’d had some blood tests done that it was probably the result of a virus. Now the doctor thinks the seizure combined with the virus has damaged his liver so he’s off on sick leave until June. JUNE! Luckily he qualifies for benefits through our Employment Insurance program but yikes, as soon as I get them all out of the house during the day, Mother Nature finds a way to keep them home.

I also took time out to watch The King’s Speech. Colin Firth definitely deserve to win the Oscar. I also purchased the soundtrack. A couple years ago I couldn’t write to music but I’m finding that soundtracks seem to get me in the right mood. For Troy’s story, I listened repeatedly to the Mr. and Mrs. Smith soundtrack. For Texas Tangle, my family probably got tired of listening to me playing Crazy Heart over and over again. Got any soundtracks you like to listen to? Or any good movies you’ve seen recently? I still want to see True Grit…

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