I have started this post about four times and then deleted it as anything I say just seems to trivialize the horrific damage we’re seeing the people of Japan enduring from first one of the worst earthquakes ever followed by a tsunami. I imagine in the next few days there will be many more broadcasts revealing even more loss, both of life and livelihood. I feel like I should have something calming to say, something wise, but words escape me. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.

Close to home, the romance community is pulling together to help one of our own. You have probably heard by now that Fatin, who helps run the RR@H Novel Thoughts and BookTalk, lost her husband in a horrible, senseless tragedy. She’s been left alone, solely responsible for their four daughters. The romance community is trying to find a way to help her so they’re banding together to hold an auction to help raise funds.  If you’re an author or a blogger who would like to donate something–a critique, books, gift basket–head over to this post on RR@H or visit Jaci Burton’s blog or Lauren Dane’s blog who are also gathering donations.

Thinking of others today