So if you look over on my sidebar you may notice that Tangled Past has a new release date. Originally it was scheduled for release on May 30th, but during my dinner with Carina’s executive editor the other night, I mentioned that I had two books coming out two weeks apart. So Angela asked if I’d like to have Tangled Past’s release moved to the follow month.

I said yes. And lo and behold, I received an email about twelve hours later confirming that it had a new release date of June 13th.

So hopefully you won’t be inundated (too much) within the same time period with news about my two releases, and won’t get confused by the two different books in the same month. Now you’ll have some time between releases to save up some money to buy them BOTH instead of having to decide between one or the other from that single month’s budget. (See, I’m thinking of your best interests. Honest!)

New Release Date for Tangled Past