Amazon has just announced a new Special Offer Kindle You can get one for $114 (USD) but the trade-off is that it comes with ads as its screensavers.

Is the lower price enough of an incentive to put up with ads as part of your reading experience? Would it make a difference? For me, it’s a minor annoyance as I rarely see the screensaver and I’d much prefer that if they do put ads into the devices that it’s not within the text itself…but it does make me worry about the slippery slope. How long before we do see ads within the text of a book? Or even paid product placement? It’s been going on in movies for years, and some authors think product placement is needed as part of worldbuilding — I have my characters carrying BlackBerries instead of the more bland “cell phone.”

Hey, maybe I can cash in on it … You know how stars are always saying that if they mention a product on a talk show they end up receiving a case or whatever they’d mentioned later? Let’s try this … Jeep Cherokee, Tiffany Jewelers, Swarovski Crystal…and the piece de resistance — Molly Maid!

A Kindle with Ads?

One thought on “A Kindle with Ads?

  • April 12, 2011 at 3:17 pm

    After cigarette ads were banned from television in the USA, the tobacco companies started having ads bound into the center of paperback books. These color ads were quite jarring and contrasted sharply with the black and white pages. I know these ads were placed in mystery and science fiction books; they may have been in other genres as well.

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