I hope everyone had a happy Easter…I’ve still got everyone home today as it’s a government holiday up here in Canada. (As in government and bank employees get it off, so Gizmo Guy is home.) Four days of being surrounded by everyone makes it difficult to work some times, but I did manage to nudge Gizmo Guy out of the house on both Friday and Sunday for a few rounds of golf with his buddy Steve. He came home yesterday afternoon, all smiles, holding this up:

A Hole In One for Gizmo Guy!

Yup, he managed to get a hole-in-one, a very rare occurrence. So rare that the course even awards a trophy and puts his name up on a plaque on the wall. (For the record, it’s the hole I managed to get my very first par…so I have fond memories of it as well.) And yes, that’s the actual ball he used. It’ll hold a place of honor on his desk, right beside his last golf trophy — the one he won 27 years ago. Way to go, Gizmo Guy.

I’ve been working on a new series of related contemporary novellas. While the characters are Canadian, I’m flying them down to the Virgin Islands–which means I get to remember my own trip down there back in 2004. I’ve got all sorts of pictures on my desktop now to inspire me.  Ones like this:

Yes, I should have been writing this back in the winter…then again, that would have been cruel since I couldn’t have afforded to go back there. And ho boy, looking at all these photos makes me want to go back there — I loved the Virgin Islands, especially in the winter when we’re dealing with monochrome landscapes and frostbitten fingers.

I’m weaving the story of three couples together, each will appear at various points in the other’s stories, though the scenes they’re in will be told from a different view each time. The first one should be ready to go out to my CPs by the end of this week, then I’ll dive (pun intended) into the second one. I’m hoping to have all three done by the time I leave for New York. (One of the joys of writing novellas instead of full length novels.)

It’s quite fun to write, discovering points where their paths can intersect and anticipate what the other characters are thinking. It should make it easier to write the following two, though it will probably create problems manipulating every one back into their spots at the appropriate times.  Anyone want to guess what the story might be about? Or what they’d like to see?  How about locations you’d like to see written about? (I know I want to set one in Canada itself soon…would you be interested? If so, what part of Canada?)

One for show, three getting ready to go
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One thought on “One for show, three getting ready to go

  • April 25, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    A hole in one. That’s amazing. I never thought that was actually possible.

    I love interconnected stories like that! Fun!

    Any part of Canada would be great for a setting. I live in Washington State. I love Vancouver, BC. I have fond memories of visits there, especially when trying to cross the street. I was waiting patiently to cross and a wonderful Canadian in a car was shouting at me. “You must be an American! It’s okay to cross! We won’t run you over here!” 😉 Also, the scary-looking people in Canada are not like the scary people here. No guns. 😉

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