I was out all day yesterday helping my mother finalize the sale of the house she’s lived in for the last 43 years. When I got home last night I found some emails from people who had already read Deliberate Deceptions. Let me tell you, they made my day.

S said “I think it was the best one yet…Loved Chad and Lauren and all they went thru to get to the other side.”

N’s email said “I am not really sure where to start. I stayed up til 1:30am to finish Deliberate Deceptions. I couldn’t put it down Leah! I loved it! I kept reading certain parts out loud to [her hubby, I’ve redacted his name], parts that were so painfully real for me. Those lonely days at the beginning of motherhood were some of the hardest for me. You got it all right, the emotions, the feeling alone and hoping someone would notice you were sinking but not willing to just come out and ask for help….wow! Your finest work yet…”


It’s probably old news, but I just discovered that Amazon has teamed up with Shelfari.  Members of Shelfari can now create descriptions of the characters, leave notes on important settings or make a glossary of the terms found in a book or series’ world on Shelfari and then it’ll link to that book’s page on Amazon. It looks pretty interesting, especially for series. Might be interesting to see what we can do with my Hauberk series…

A sneak peek into my email…
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