Where your characters live, what they surround themselves with can reveal a great deal about them.  Is everything in its place or do they leave things scattered around? Are there lots of photos of family? Or places they’ve visited? A reader can discern so much by those little clues a writer inserts into a scene.

When Nate’s housekeeper leads Sarah to her new husband’s bedroom, it should tell her something … can you tell what?

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Sarah followed Martha, barely hearing the woman as she pointed out various rooms and features of Nate’s house. The heels of her boots clicked across the spotless loblolly pine floors. She’d offered to take them off but Nate’s—housekeeper? Distant aunt? Family friend?—had waved her off and immediately started her tour.

Miss Martha finally wound down. “You must be plum tuckered out, and here I am going on to beat the band.” She opened the solid plank door. “This is the guest room. I imagine you and Jackson’ll do fine here.”

The guest room proved to be a room bigger than her mother’s bedroom. A massive rope bed took up most of the space. A set of green gingham tiebacks held open the matching drapes, letting the afternoon sun light the room. As she examined the room she realized it gave her no sense of who Jackson was. There were no pictures on the wall, no beloved knickknacks he’d treasured since childhood or mementos of family. There wasn’t even a brush or a shaving set on the wash stand. Despite the lack of adornments, it was the type of room she could imagine waking up in each morning. But given Jackson thought her a burden, would it turn into a haven or a hell?

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Snippet Saturday: Living Spaces

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