While I’ve been ploughing through all the things I ignored while in New York (and preparing for New York), I got another lovely review for Tangled Past — this time from Chris over at Night Owl Romance:

“Dealing with the morality of the 1800s added to the suspense, and the impetus that kept the story moving was the developing relationship. Complete with an epilogue (which I personally always enjoy) this was a story not to be missed.”

Yay! Thanks Chris.

Another thing I’ve been doing is transferring over my photos from my camera. I have added some more pictures to my Facebook page — Lynsay Sands, and fellow Carina Press author Adrienne Giordano. And I finally figured out how to turn a video so it’s right side up (I’d turned my camera on its side because it framed the people better that way, then realized “d’oh!” the film was sideways.) So here’s a sneak peek at the shenanigans dancing at Harlequin’s Black and White Ball in the Waldorf Astoria’s Starlight Roof room exactly a week ago. In fact it’s almost exactly to the minute that I shot this! (Recognize anyone? 😉 )

Home, Sweet Home…Alabama?
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