While I’ve been getting lots of reviews for Tangled Past, I’ve been feeling bad for poor Deliberate Deceptions as it has received so few. Deliberate Deceptions was a bear to write (mainly because I refused to listen to Chad who kept telling me he only wanted to get back together with Lauren, not some other woman that I threw at him — silly characters who won’t co-operate!) Once I finally listened to Chad and the story started clicking, I think it turned out to be some of my best work to date. So I was thrilled to open up my email yesterday and discover that someone else thought so too.

Shannon, a reviewer with The Romance Studio, gave it this review (I’m only copying a part of it – you can read the full thing here):

Deliberate Deceptions is a sweeping story of romance, betrayal, intrigue and the power of love that is captivating. Once again author Leah Braemel infuses her pleasurably sensual love stories with compelling characters, depth of emotion, delights of passion and the joy of love that equals a treat for the reader. The fair pace and the attention to detail the author uses in her writing creates a first-class story that doesn’t disappoint. The depth of heart outlining some of the life choices that the characters have made shaping their lives adds to the story as well as the characterization perfectly.

At the center of this complex plot are two well-defined, intelligent and passionate characters that feel remarkably real and appealing. The decadent pleasure and sexual tension between Lauren and Chad creates high voltage sparks that will keep readers turning the pages enthralled. The reader will find it very easy to empathize with the characters as the author explores the complexity of their relationship both past and present which seems to carry a hefty emotional punch to it. Fans of the series will enjoy cameo scenes with characters from previous stories in this absolutely entertaining series.

I have to admit that when I had to choose a snippet of that review to add to DD’s review section, I had a heck of a time choosing just one phrase because I wanted to include the whole darned thing.

Since Shannon gave it the coveted “Five Heart Review”, it’ll be part of The Romance Studio’s weekly “5 Heart Sweetheart” vote starting on July 25th. (Right in time for my birthday!) And yes, I’ll be reminding you again on the 25th to go over and help show your support for Chad and Lauren. 😉

5 Heart Review for Deliberate Deceptions