There was this song my mom used to sing to me and my sister in our youth. I’m not going to write it out because it’s kind of graphic and highly traumatizing—seriously, I still cringe when I think about it—but the gist of the song is that you shouldn’t laugh at people when they’re hurt or you will soon share their fate.

I’ve never had anything but the most sincere compassion for those in pain and for those who are suffering from any type of ailment. And who knows, maybe that song had something to do with that virtue being so engrained in me. But, more importantly, it set up a base belief of karma for me. But I never really thought about karma where my characters were concerned. Until Ravenborne.

In Ravenborne my main character, the heroine Saraphina Raven, has to leave her home and the life she’s built to join the King’s Guard. And this is after having had her family and home torn away from her only seven years earlier. This poor girl looses everything not once, but twice. Granted, the second time is a lot less traumatic. The second time she’s setting off on an adventure, an adventure she’s sharing with the very handsome Kavin Hunter, a friend from her past who has become the king’s right-hand man. Of course, she would miss her friends and it would take some time for her to find her place in her new life but, I must admit, she handles everything pretty well. And I found I was very proud of her.

Then the craziest thing happened. I’ve been talking about moving for years. Don’t get me wrong, I love our home and I have a lot of friends here, but the winters are harsh. Really harsh. And I’m just not a cold weather kind of girl. Every winter I would huddle under blankets and look at the weather in other areas of the country with envy. But I didn’t actually believe we would ever have the chance to actually move. We’ve lived in the same house our entire marriage—fourteen years this November. It’s the only home our two boys have ever known. The universe, however, had different plans for us.

Last week, my husband was offered a position in Texas that we just couldn’t refuse, which is kind of funny because that’s how Saraphina refers to her new job in the King’s Guard. It’s been kind of crazy getting everything ready in time for the move. I have the novel coming out so I’ve been doing edits, my two boys start school, and we have to sell a house and buy another one all within seven weeks. But with every challenge I face, I can’t help but think of Saraphina and everything I put her through on her journey. The experience has given me a deeper understanding to one of my favorite characters. And her journey, even though it’s fiction, has helped give me strength and courage when the challenges started piling up around me.

So my questions to you are, have you ever identified strongly with a character? Have you ever read a book that touched on something you’re currently experiencing? Have you taken strength from their journey?

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A dragon’s fate will seal their love…or destroy their future.

When Kavin Hunter appears on her doorstep to recruit her into the king’s guard, Saraphina Raven knows her secret—an unwanted telepathic ability—has caught the attention of the king. If she refuses to use her gift to discover who’s plotting against the throne, her last link to her royal heritage will be forcibly stripped away. It’s a threat that’s guaranteed to work. She’d do anything, even help the king that deserted her family, to preserve the only connection to her past.

It’s a past Kavin is all too familiar with. Once upon a time, his brother was betrothed to Saraphina, until the raid that destroyed her family. Now Kavin struggles with his own part in the mess her life has become. And a growing connection made stronger by the power of his healing touch. Though his loyalty lies with the king, Saraphina is becoming the woman of his heart. And nothing, not even a dragon in disguise, will stand in the way of their love.


Product Warnings

Contains a former princess who gets cringe-worthy glimpses into others’ thoughts, a knight in slightly tarnished armor with talented…hands. And a dragon betrayed.

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Chandra Ryan and the Winds of Change
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