Lots of good news in the Braemel household this week.

First up, Miranda of Joyfully Reviewed has said that Deliberate Deceptions is “a stand-out in the contemporary erotic genre.” That was a lovely review to find on Wednesday morning. Miranda also says “Deliberate Deceptions is wrought with heady emotions and explosive sex. The history between Lauren and Chad is long and tumultuous. I felt their pain and ached for a resolution along with them. Leah Braemel delivers a gorgeous love story that will break your heart and mend it all over again. I’m in love with Lauren and Chad. This is one of those couples that make me smile and long for a happily ever after.” You can read the entire review here. Thanks, Miranda, that review made me smile.

More good news for me — I’m getting my own office! A room on the second floor with a window–a window with blinds and drapes that can be opened to let in the sunlight. We’re talking light here, people! Sunshine! Glorious, streaming sunbeams! (Anyone else hearing choruses of Hallelujah?)

The room I currently use as an office is beside the front door–everyone who wants to knock on the door or drop something in our mail box can look right in and see…well, everything. All my computer equipment, the mounds of paperwork cluttering my desk, along with the piles/boxes/bags of books on the floor & everywhere else, and more importantly, me! Which means most days I keep the blinds closed to stop lookyloos from peering in so it’s almost cavelike in its dimness even on the brightest days.

My new office is twice the size of my current cubbyhole. So I’ve been scoping out the used office furniture stores (and even loaded the Kijiji app on my iPhone–it’s sort of a Canadian version of Craigslist), while dreaming of the day when I have an office that will have enough 5-highs to hold all my books, all my office supplies, all my swag. A room where if I want to move my chair back, it won’t bang into the printer immediately behind me; I’m picking up paint chips at the local Home Depot and Lowes while trying to determine what the best color would be not only so I can mount all my framed covers, and my needlework too, but what will be best for inspiring my writing; I’m choosing new flooring as I plot tearing out the old 70s style carpet and replacing it with a gorgeous gleaming hardwood floor.

I can’t wait!

Good news all around
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  • October 9, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving & congrats on your new office lol.

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