Hmm, that title sounds rather dirty, doesn’t it? Or is it just my dirty mind?

It was Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada so I also had to plan and cook a Thanksgiving dinner. When I was in Texas back in 2007, I’d had my first taste of sweet potato with marshmallows on top and fell in love with it. (thanks T!) During our trip to North & South Carolina last week, Gizmo Guy finally got a taste of a proper sweet potato casserole and fell in love too so he asked me to make one for Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve never claimed to be a good cook but after finding a few recipes on the net, complete with pecans and marshmallows, so I figured I’d give it a shot. It came out wonderfully and got rave reviews. I now have a new dish to add to the menu for Christmas too. For dessert, Curly had requested a pumpkin pie (he and I are the only ones who like them) Normally I pick them up premade at the grocery store, but the only ones I could find were huge, far more than the two of us could have eaten in a week. So I picked up the fixings and made one myself and what do you know, that came out good too. (Not sure what’s going on that I’m becoming so domestic.)

But I’ve ignored my email, my Google Reader, even ignored Twitter and all those other social media sites that are taking up so much of my time. In the evenings I sat down and read Jill Shalvis’ Animal Attraction — loved it! I then picked up Diana Gabaldon’s Echo in the Bone. Normally I can read a book in an evening, not Diana’s books. This has taken me three days and I’m still going…

So what have you been doing?

Plugging Back In
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