I’ve been renovating not only my house but my website too. (The fact that the background resembles the drapes in my new office is totally coincidental, but a happy coincidence. What do they call that? Serendipity?) The new theme is a lot easier to post to, but I’m not quite happy with the way it renders on the iPad (which meant I had to get a plug-in) which means I may end up changing the theme around a bit more in the coming months. But that’s the beauty of WordPress–I have the power, I have the technology. I can build it stronger, faster…Oops, flashback to the 70s and the Six Million Dollar Man again. (SQUIRREL: I wonder how much he’d cost today, I’m guessing just one of his legs would cost more than six mill these days.)

Let me know if there are any links that aren’t working, or any problems you encounter. And if you explore, you’ll notice a couple new pages. šŸ˜‰ Have fun!

Another renovation

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