Melinda from Night Owl Reviews gave Tangled Past another Top Pick review award.

Leah Braemel has done it again in a story about three people whose lives change drastically. You have Sarah McLeod who is young and sometimes innocent about so many things. Seeing two men like Jackson and Nate confuses her yet she feels safe with them. A relationship like theirs is unheard of but Sarah knows they can make it work. Leah Braemel did an awesome job in showing how far a friend will go to make sure everybody is happy even it means sacrificing his own happiness. One thing about Leah Braemel is she knows about cowboys, love and passion no matter how many people are in that relationship. Tangled Past is definitely a keeper and Leah Braemel is one author to always keep up to date on. She never fails in writing a book worth reading.

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Tangled Past a Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews