Forums, loops, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter. Which do you prefer?

When I got my first book contract, I started a Leah Braemel Yahoo loop for potential readers to join so I could keep them up-to-date with my writing. At the time, it was a common way to do a newsletter but I quickly learned that most people preferred signing up for a newsletter over joining a loop. For authors, we’re members of so many loops and have so much email from publishers’ loops and writing groups coming at us, joining another author’s loop, which means more email, can get overwhelming. For readers — well, many readers I’ve met are suspicious of getting spammed and refuse to sign up for a Yahoo loop.

So over the last two years I’ve let the group languish. But lately I’ve had a few emails expressing interest in ways of keeping up to date with what I’ve been up to. While I’ve been posting to my Facebook profile and page and Twitter, as well as this blog, I know there are still a lot of people who don’t use social media. So I’m now wondering about the loop.

Are you active on loops? Which do you prefer?

What about newsletters? I’ve only been sending them out when I have a book coming out — which meant I’ve only sent two out this year. Do you prefer them quarterly? Monthly? Even if I don’t have a new book coming out? Or do you prefer the way I’ve been doing it so far?

Staying in the Loop
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