What’s the saying? A friend will help you move. A best friend will help you hide the bodies. Mark Rodriguez and Sam Watson have been friends since college. They’ve done a lot together. Including share their girlfriends. So when Mark’s girlfriend makes up a “sexual fantasy” list at his request, and he sees that she’d like to try a menage, he figures he can trust his old buddy Sam. What are friends for, right? But when the games begin, friendship takes on a whole different meaning…

Copyright © 2009 Leah Braemel
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication


Fire licked in Mark’s belly, tightened like a vise about his chest, as he watched Sam laving Jodi’s clit with a tenderness he hadn’t expected. Watched her arch her back, heard her unsteady breathing, the breathy moan she made in her pleasure.

What the fuck was going on that he’d resent the hell out of his friend for doing exactly what he’d asked him to do? Damn it, he’d been the one who’d approached Sam and yet now he wanted to pull him off Jodi, to ram his fist into Sam’s face.

Sam’s gaze flicked over to him, rested briefly on the flogger in his hand. Mark glanced down and realized he’d gripped it so hard his knuckles were white.

When Sam resumed tonguing her glistening pussy, Mark took a step back. Closed his eyes so he wouldn’t see how she rotated her hips toward Sam’s mouth. Tried to close his ears to the sound of Jodi’s soft whimpers. Whimpers he wanted to be for him. Only him.

“Please,” Jodi pleaded. “Please, Sam, please let me come. I really need this.”

Mark’s teeth ground so hard, he swore sparks would shoot from his mouth. She should be begging him to make her come, not Sam. What made him think Jodi was someone he could stand by and watch as someone else fucked her?

He opened his eyes to find Sam picking up the crop he’d set down.

“No moving, remember?” Sam gave Mark a curious look as he snapped the crop across Jodi’s ass.

Her thighs quivered as if they tried to close, to press together and ease the ache he heard in her voice.

God, she was so beautiful. So responsive.

Beneath her blindfold, he knew her eyelids would be heavy from sexual arousal. His hand lifted of its own accord, hovered over Jodi’s full bottom lip, wanting to stroke it; his body leaned in until he could feel the heat of her body brush his. He wanted to drop to his knees and kiss the taut, budded nipples, hear her beg for more attention. His attention.

He’d go down on her, taste that wonderful cream streaming down her thighs. Suck on her clit, use his fingers against that spot that he knew drove her insane. He’d bring her to orgasm again and again, and each time she’d scream his name. His name. No one else’s. Ever.

But after he’d gone to Sam and suggested this evening, after he’d convinced Jodi it would be fun, how could he back out? How could he tell Sam to leave? He’d look like a first-class idiot.

“Such a pretty pink ass you’ve got, sweet pea,” Sam said. “And your pussy is so wet it’s dripping down your thighs like Niagara Falls. Hey, Mark, hand me that cloth, will you, buddy?”

When Sam’s large hand caressed her ass and Jodi moaned her approval, Mark’s vision went red.

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