Although you’ve been able to buy Perfect Proposal on Amazon and Smashwords for a little over a week now, it’s slowly populating on the various other sites. (It depends when their engines go out and search Smashwords and pick up the latest uploads, if I’m reading Smashwords’ instructions correctly.)

Since I’m in Canada, I am often limited to what I am “allowed” to see. None of my books are supposed to have geographical restrictions, so technically you’re supposed to be able to find all of my books on iTunes, but until this morning anytime I searched I only found Tangled Past. (Why only that book and not Texas Tangle as well, I have no idea. Though I can’t see them either, I know my other Samhain books are available, thanks to Samhain’s royalty reports.) So I was thrilled to see Perfect Proposal pop up on the iTunes store when I searched this morning.

So if you like to read on your Mac, iPhone or iPad using your iBooks app, you can now download Perfect Proposal through the iTunes store.

Apple ibooks

I’m still waiting for Perfect Proposal to be uploaded to Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Sony, but  it has also been picked up by Diesel Books (though I haven’t found it there yet; it may take a while for them to load it onto their system.) If you find it anywhere else, send me the link so I can put it up here. And if you generally buy from a different ebook provider, leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

Perfect Proposal now available on iTunes
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