Today’s theme is “Bad Boys at Night” which caused a bit of a conundrum because several of my characters could qualify as “bad boys” who love to come out and play at night )Though I’m not sure if they wear their sunglasses at night or not.) 😉 Should I focus on Mark and Sam in Private Property, or just Sam in Personal Protection? Then there’s that first chapter where Nate and Jackson get it on in Tangled Past in the dark shadows of the barn where they’re caught by Sarah.

I decided upon an excerpt from Texas Tangle where Dillon decides to give in to his even naughtier side than usual and proposes what he expects to be a single night’s fun. Turned out the joke was on him…but that’s for later in the story. For now, Dillon and Nikki are relaxing in the hot tub, and Dillon’s best friend, Brett, who is also interested in Nikki has just come home from a tough shift of being a Texas cop.

Bad boys, bad boys, Whatcha gonna do when they come for you… (There’s your earworm for the day — tell me you weren’t singing that already when you read the “Bad Boys” title.)

Texas Tangle

Copyright © 2010* by Leah Braemel

Covering the area with his arm, Brett lowered himself into the water. He hissed when the heat reached his chest. “Fine. It probably looks worse than it feels.”

Nikki gasped and scooted closer to Brett. After a brief struggle, Brett dropped his arm and allowed her to examine the knuckle-shaped bruises.
“What happened?” Nikki asked.

Brett’s eyes closed, though Dillon couldn’t tell whether he battled pain or struggled to contain his burgeoning erection. “Just a little scuffle during a bust. Nothing to worry about.”

“You get it looked at?”

“Yes, mom. Nothing’s broken.”

Nikki hmmed, and rose up on her knees, commanding, “Turn around.”


“Because you look like you need a massage.” She swatted him on his shoulder. “Trust me. Turn around.”

“Better do what she says, bud.” Dillon sank his shoulders beneath the water, his eyelids half lowered as he watched Brett attempting to cover his hard-on. “Besides, she gives a wicked back rub. You’d be a fool to turn her down.”

With a sigh, Brett shifted so she’d have access to his back. She moved closer, nestling her knees on either side of his hips, then dug her thumbs into his shoulders.

Brett groaned and leaned into her touch, allowing her to concentrate on a particularly stubborn knot. His head rolled to the side, resting against her breast. Each time she dug her fingers into his shoulders, her breast slid up the side of his head, the stubble of his hair grazing her nipple until it was a stiff peak.

Holy hell, he’d never realized how hot voyeurism could be. He shifted as his own erection throbbed in the pulse of the jets. If they kept this up, there’d soon be more than just water frothing. Unlike Brett, he didn’t try to hide his groin from her gaze; there was no way he could disguise the heavy erection bobbing in the jetting water.

Aw, hell. He was probably digging up snakes, but damned if he could pass up the opportunity now it had plonked itself down in front of him.

He palmed his cock, stroking its length, making sure Nikki could see what he was doing. “Watching both of you, being here, all three of us…I was thinking that maybe…” His voice dropped so low it sounded like he was growling, but he couldn’t control the lust rampaging through him.

Brett understood him at once. He gave his head a small shake, a warning dark in his eyes. “Don’t go there, Dill. Once you’ve crossed that line you can’t erase it.”

Nikki settled back on her heels. “What are you two talking about?”

Neither man answered her, though their unspoken communication crackled through the air between them. Come on, bud, we can do this. Trust me.

“Dillon? What do you mean? What line are we crossing?” she repeated.

Brett finally broke off the starefest. “Dillon’s suggesting we have a threesome.”

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Snippet Saturday: Bad Boys at Night

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