I’ve never quite understood people who belong to Foursquare and proudly announce their location on Twitter and Facebook. To me it’s always been like saying “Hey, robber, I’m not home, go rob my house” or “Hey, rapist/stalker/creepy guy, this is where I am, come do your worst.” (The same can be said for some public cell phone conversations where I can tell you people’s vacation schedules, home addresses, cell phone numbers and heck, sometimes even bank information.) Well, now there’s an app that makes it even easier for a stalker/rapist/bad guy to track you if you post your location on FourSquare. And they’ll have access to your public Facebook profile too. Read this article about “Girls Around Me”. Or if anyone in your world uses Foursquare show it to them and make them read the whole thing.

Seriously. Read it. It’s scary how much of your personal information is out there.

And you can bet it’ll end up in a Hauberk novel. My heroines had better watch out.

*Thanks to a tweet by @VickiEssex thanking @Jane_L of Dear Author and @CultofMac for the link.

I borrowed the image from the article — if it infringes on a copyright, let me know and I’ll take it down.

**EDITED** Good news! Since I put up that post, I notice the author of the original article has put up an edit of his own: Foursquare has killed the app’s use of FourSquare’s API, FB however is still “investigating”. However, if you’re a FourSquare user or regularly leave your location on Facebook, please reconsider your use of checking in your location. It really is incredibly dangerous. You have no idea who else can access that information and what they might do with it. Why take such a risk?

Want to be stalked?
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