Wouldn’t you know that when I have a deadline, life heats up and pulls me in twelve different directions at once. Which doesn’t make Leah a happy camper. Okay, I took pity on you and deleted an over-long whiny dump on everything that’s going on that’s pulling me away from my desk — you’re welcome ūüėČ

Some of the things on my mind these days — starting with a mea culpa:

‚ô¶ I put up the post about the review over at Guilty Pleasures yesterday but forgot to include the link. That’s been fixed now, and here it is again, just so you don’t miss it. Slick’s been fantastic about setting up reviews of all the books in the Hauberk series, so you’ll see more posts over there in the coming weeks, and an interview too.

‚ô¶¬†Chapters/Indigo (our version of the “You’ve Got Mail” big bad Fox Books) took over all the little independent stores, WH Smith, Coles Books, etc, and so they’re basically the only game in the country these days. I discovered during a jaunt into our local brick-and-mortar store that not only are they no longer listing the print copy of Personal Protection on their store’s computers, it’s not available through their on-line site either. (It’s not that they don’t carry Samhain books — you can find Lorelei James, Vivian Arends, Maya Banks, Jaci Burton etc.on the shelves. And I’m not the only Canadian Samhain author who can’t buy her own books through our own store.)

I’m not asking for my book to be shelved, I get that there’s a limited amount of shelf space, and that Chapters recently changed their policy so most books are only given 60 days on the shelf instead of the standard 90 days. But Samhain books are print-on-demand, so what’s the harm of keeping the listing on their on-line site so if someone wants to order it online, they can, then C/I can order the number of copies they need from their supplier?(There’s a “Canadian content” law here in Canada, where radio and television stations must schedule a specific percentage of Canadian shows so we’re not overwhelmed with American content so we can maintain our own unique identity. Chapters touts itself as promoting Canadian books — unfortunately, it seems that unless you’re a big seller, “Canadian” means literary, not romance. I keep wondering if there’s some way I can go to the Chapters powers-that-be, and say “Hey, did you know we’ve got Canadian romance authors you can promote?” I know there’s some backstory about suppliers etc, but sheesh.)

Considering I order MY copies that I give away for contests etc through C/I rather than face possible tariffs and shipping charges ordering them from Samhain which means I end up paying more per copy, I am really ticked off. I know I don’t sell a lot of copies through C/I but still, I should have that ability to order them.

What does this mean to you? I’m deleting my Chapters/Indigo link from the website since it goes nowhere these days. And hello Book Depository. You’re getting all my business for paperbacks from now on. Boo on you Chapters/Indigo! What an idiotic business decision to force Canadians to order books from companies outside of the country.

‚ô¶¬†Last week my Mom asked me to mail a copy of Personal Protection to one of her friends in England who “loves that type of stuff” — the book cost me $11. The postage cost me $17. ¬†Ouch.

‚ô¶¬†As I’ve said, I ordered swag for the upcoming Lori Foster’s event. It’s starting to arrive and I’m really pleased with what I’ve got so far. If you’re at Lori Foster’s, make sure you stop by at the signing table, or find me during the event and I’ll give you a little something extra just for you saying hello. If you’re not going to Lori’s but another event, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to send you some while I’m in the States in June. (See re Canadian postal rates above for an explanation to the delay.)

‚ô¶¬†Still on the Lori Foster event, last year I wore a white cowboy hat so people could easily find me in the crowd. However, on a later trip, the hat was irreparably squashed and I need to find something else. Since I don’t have a cowboy story out this year, I’m trying to figure out whether to buy another or if I need to find some other easily recognizable piece of apparel. (that’s not too embarrassing to wear) Any suggestions?

Mea Culpa and adding/deleting links
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2 thoughts on “Mea Culpa and adding/deleting links

  • April 20, 2012 at 1:05 pm

    Well, that is horrible, that you can’t buy your own books in your own country. But long live Bookdepository! Love the no shipping expenses, that means you can buy much more books.
    What to wear is a difficult question. You could go for another type of hat I suppose, at least it makes you stand out in a crowd. How about carrying a balloon with you? Tie it to your chair or something.

  • April 21, 2012 at 10:53 am

    I think it is so sad about the books. I wish that they were more supportive and open to Canadian authors.
    Sorry about your hat. I hope that you can find something fun and unique to wear to this years event. I so get you on the shipping. Last time I had to ship one of my books to Belgium and the cost was through the roof. Postage is going up and up and honestly I’m not surprised people don’t want to send stuff. You just can’t afford it.

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