Which scene screamed today’s topic of It’s Raining Men to me? This scene from Texas Tangle — yes I know they don’t mean raining literally, but the guys are wet. And hot. So very very very hot. Excuse me while I allow myself to picture Dillon bouncing up the stairs buck ass nekkid, and Brett (my fave tortured hero) with a towel slung low around his hips. (Picture me drooling the way Homer Simpson does with donuts…)

Texas Tangle
Copyright © 2010* by Leah Braemel

Nikki wanted to blame the jetting water for the way her clit tingled, or for the full heavy feeling of her breasts. She wanted to blame the steam rising around her for the way her body tightened, squeezing the air from her lungs. But she knew it had nothing to do with the hot tub. The heat spearing through her came from thinking about being sandwiched between the two men. Her breasts ached from her fantasy of seeing Dillon’s dark head bent over one breast with Brett’s golden head over the other, of them touching every part of her body. Of Dillon in her pussy, and Brett…oh, Brett filling her mouth as she kneeled in front of him, or stretching her ass as he reamed her from behind.

“What do you say, Nik?” Dillon asked.

She jumped, realizing she’d been so lost in her fantasy that he’d closed the distance between them.

What did she say? Yes. Hell, yes!

“Brett—” She broke off her question. How lame would it be to ask if he’d still respect her in the morning?

When he turned to look at her, the emotion in his eyes, the longing, shocked her. His gaze dropped, lingering on her throat, her breasts, lower. Each spot his eyes stopped at burned like he’d branded her. He took equally long on his path back up her body, but instead of meeting her gaze, he looked past her. To Dillon.

She cleared her throat, her voice barely a whisper, but her plea came through as loud as if she’d shouted. “It couldn’t hurt just once. Could it?”

Water cascaded off him as he surged to stand in front of her. With another glance at Dillon, he cupped her face and brushed his lips across hers, his thumb caressing her jaw.

Her eyes fluttered closed as his lips sealed around hers, his tongue tickling the seam of her lips. So gentle, yet the hand holding her in place was so strong. Calloused in places Dillon’s weren’t. She relaxed her jaw and let him deepen the kiss. The hard length of his erection pressed into the soft flesh of her belly. All too soon he broke the kiss, though he didn’t release her.

He gaze moved from her to Dillon. “Does this bother you? Watching me kissing Nikki?”

“Nope. It makes me as horny as hell watching you two. Whodathunkit?” Dillon pressed his body against her, his hand sliding around her side to cup her breast, his erection nudging the small of her back. The crisp mat of his chest hair tickling her shoulders, he was a pillar, supporting her as her legs trembled beneath their onslaught. Her hips rotated, grinding against Brett’s erection in front and Dillon’s behind. Both men groaned in succession.

“Inside.” Dillon pulled away first. “Upstairs. Now.”

Nikki sucked in a breath at his command. Fantasies were one thing, reality totally different. She couldn’t even picture the mechanics of making love to two men at the same time. She gave up and decided they’d figure it out upstairs. With a shrug, she relaxed and let herself ogle Dillon’s tight behind when he climbed out of the hot tub. The man had the best frickin’ ass of anyone she’d ever seen. She loved clutching it as he pumped into her, feeling the play of muscles beneath her fingers.

Dillon grabbed the towels they’d placed there earlier, handing one to Nikki. Before she could take it, Brett reached around and snagged it, snapping it open and wrapping it around her. Her body heated, turned to liquid when he tucked the end into her cleavage, his palm grazing her breast, drawing her nipple into a tight bead. She pressed her thighs together against the ache starting deep inside as she imagined what she was about to do.

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Dillon toweled himself off then tossed his to Brett. As Brett dried himself, Dillon opened the door and led Nikki into the house. The air conditioned air had goosebumps forming on her skin. He smiled and flicked one of her nipples poking against the terrycloth. After Brett’s earlier contact, that simple touch had her shaking.

He must have seen it as his eyes burned into her, and his voice grated in need. “Let’s get you upstairs and dried off.”

Completely unselfconscious of his nudity, he strolled ahead of them and bounded up the stairs.

As Dillon disappeared down the upstairs hall, Nikki realized Brett was hanging back. Her tongue hit the floor when she saw him standing there, his towel slung low over his hips. He has no idea how hot he looks, does he?

He held out his hand, waiting for Nikki to place her palm in his. “Nik? Are you okay with this? Just because Dillon suggested it doesn’t mean you have to…” He tilted his head to one side in question. “It’s not too late to back out, you know.”

“I want to try this, for all of us to be together like this, even if it’s just for tonight. But I need to know if you’re okay with this. If it’ll make things difficult, more awkward being around us—me—tomorrow.” She felt the blush rising up her neck. “I guess what I’m saying is, will you still respect me in the morning?”

“Baby, I’ll always respect you.” Her bones melted when he cupped her behind, pressing his erection into her belly. Snuggling closer, she kissed him until he broke off with a groan. “If we keep this up, I’m going to come before we begin.”

As they reached the top of the stairs, she hesitated. “Brett? What about you? Do you want to do this? I mean, isn’t it sort of weird for you to be naked around Dillon? Two guys in the same bed at the same time?”

There was such a long pause, she wondered if he might change his mind and walk away. “I don’t think I can back out now, Nik.”

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Snippet Saturday: It’s Raining Men

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    What a hot snippet. I love a good menage, especially in a hot tub. I have a few of your books, but they are TBR. These snippets draw my interest to get to the book. You are one hot writer and I look forward to your books.

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