Ah, the agony of lost love. Or love unrequited. I have several variations of it within my stories — Sam pining for his lost love in Personal Protection; Nate forced to listen to the love of his life, Jackson, making love to his bride; Chad pining for Lauren at the start of Deliberate Deceptions. Lauren pining for Chad. And both of them grieving for their baby daughter Emily — losing a child can break your heart too. But the one that stuck with me most is Brett pining for Nikki, forced to watch her with Dillon though he’d been the first one to kiss her, but too honorable and too broken to fight for her…

[L]ess than four hours after he’d left, Brett parked his car beside Dillon’s truck. He switched off the engine and sat there.

You don’t have to do this in person. You could drive a mile down the road and phone Nikki, ask her if she’s all right. You’ll be able to tell if she’s telling the truth or not.

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So why had he driven out here again? Because your gut’s been twisted in a knot for leaving Nikki to face Dillon alone. You know you have to face Dillon in person.

He rested his head on the steering wheel. He could do this. He had to. Nikki deserved the happiness Dillon could give her.

Coward! Steal her away from the Barnett bastard. Or don’t you have the balls, you whiny brat?

“Shut up, pop.”

He didn’t remember taking the keys out of the ignition or opening the car door. He didn’t remember walking up the path to the kitchen door. All he could focus on was the pounding of his heart like a big kettle drum, drowning out all other sounds. The knob turned under his hand and the door swung open, a cool blast of air-conditioned air rushing over him.

He found Dillon wiping down the kitchen table, his hair clinging to his neck in damp curls and his shirtless chest glistening. He’d either just had a shower, or he’d just had a long hot sweaty bout of sex. Please let it be a shower he’d just taken.

“Hey, bud, what you doin’ back so soon?”

That was it? Dillon wasn’t going to go ape-shit about finding Nikki in his arms? Just “what you doin’ back so soon?” Was he totally oblivious?

Brett couldn’t stop himself from blurting out, “How’s Nik? Where is she?”

Dillon’s grin widened until all Brett could see were those fucking white teeth. He looked so fucking smug. The look of a man who was sexually satisfied. He sat down at the table and stretched his feet out in front of him, crossing them at the ankles. “She’s upstairs. Having a nap.”

Shit, it wasn’t a shower that had made Dillon’s hair wet. At least it wasn’t only a shower. If it wasn’t for his latest news on Phil—and the ten-ton invisible weights someone had permanently attached to his balls—he’d turn around, walk away and never come back.

“I asked her to marry me.”

If Dillon had grabbed his gun from his holster and shot him point blank, it couldn’t have hurt more.

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